Sunday, January 26, 2014

My Baby Is Two!

We've had a crazy busy week celebrating our little man Roscoe's 2nd birthday.
We kept things simple this year and I think his special day was magical. 
Honestly, Coco's favorite thing about his day was the balloons his Daddy surprised him with. 
He is still playing with those nearly deflated balloons (3 days later).  

I think his special day was almost as exciting to me as my own birthday. 
Roscoe's birth was so traumatic (and I finally feel like I am past all of that) and life changing for me. I feel like his birthday is a celebration of what I did too.
This little man changed my whole world and I can't believe how fast he is growing up. 
He is my everything.

Happy Birthday, Roscoe. 
You have made my life and world so happy. 
I love you so much and very much. 

love love,

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Chrissy said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Roscoe! Hope you had the best day ever! xxx