Sunday, January 26, 2014

Be My Valentine

My favorite holiday, Valentine's Day is weeks away and I started celebrating on January 14 because I think a month is just enough time to celebrate properly. 
I brought out my Valentine pretties and admired them. 
I collect vintage handkerchiefs (because I think they are so pretty) and my favorites are my Valentine heart hankies. 
I think I like them the most because my favorite colors are red, black, cream, and glitter.
I try to get a new one every year.
I have been having so much fun wearing my favorite Valentine's Day appropriate dresses to church. 
I wish I had the energy to wear them everyday of my celebration month but honestly I live in jeans and black t-shirts these days.
So boring.

 Every year I try to get a (new to me) vintage Valentine for my collection. 
I pick them out and then I have Dan give them to me because I'm silly like that. 
I like to hang them up around the house and admire them.

I did some extra work for Butch and was able to get this screen print for Daniel's office. 
I can't wait to get it framed and up on the wall.

I also managed to save enough pennies to get Daniel a new pair of wing tip Fluevogs (they are having a crazy huge sale right now). 
I couldn't wait to give them to him. 
I want to wish you all the happiest Valentine's Day. 
It is a day to remember how loved you are, love others, and love yourself. 
We all deserve to celebrate the love we are blessed with. 
I hope you all know that I adore you. 

Love Love,
Fritzi Marie

My Baby Is Two!

We've had a crazy busy week celebrating our little man Roscoe's 2nd birthday.
We kept things simple this year and I think his special day was magical. 
Honestly, Coco's favorite thing about his day was the balloons his Daddy surprised him with. 
He is still playing with those nearly deflated balloons (3 days later).  

I think his special day was almost as exciting to me as my own birthday. 
Roscoe's birth was so traumatic (and I finally feel like I am past all of that) and life changing for me. I feel like his birthday is a celebration of what I did too.
This little man changed my whole world and I can't believe how fast he is growing up. 
He is my everything.

Happy Birthday, Roscoe. 
You have made my life and world so happy. 
I love you so much and very much. 

love love,

Saturday, January 18, 2014

I am NOT selfish!


My goodness...I am happy 2014 is here. 
Roscoe is about to turn two and I need to start taking care of myself again.
I've let myself get worn out and overwhelmed (above photo).  
I know I need to take time for myself so I can de-stress and be a good Mommy and I have been searching for a way to do that.
I think my biggest issue is that Roscoe is still nursing and I am sleep deprived and cranky.
So I started practicing yoga (at a studio for the first time) as my New Year's treat to myself.
I was really nervous about going to a studio but I did it and I am so proud of myself. 
My instructors suggested that we come up with an intention or manta to say to ourselves while we practice. 
Mine is, "I am not selfish".
Let me tell you, when I am trying to hold those (hard to me) poses and breathe, I am repeating my mantra a lot. 
I feel guilty when I'm not with my boys.
I love being with them so much but I know that I will be a better "me" if I take the time to re-charge and give  myself alone time. Here's hoping that yoga is my first baby step to finding peace in my little world. 
I didn't have time to sit down and write out my goals for this new year but I have some floating around in my mind. I think I need to take myself on a date to the library for some quiet time to sit down and reflect on 2013 and what I hope for 2014.  Fingers crossed that I can make that happen soon.  We all deserve to find ways to take care of ourselves.  Find our own "me" time.  I hope you are able to find yours and that you never feel guilty for doing so. 

Here's to taking care of ourselves in 2014.

love and hugs,
Fritzi Marie

Friday, January 17, 2014

Belated Alabama Holiday Wishes


Dear Friends,

Happy New Year? 
I hope you all had a lovely holiday. 
I feel like we things are starting to get back to normal around here again. 
My side of our family came to Alabama for Christmas this year.

Our home was busy with festivities and family and it went by way too fast. 
We had sibling slumber parties, craft nights, a bowling adventures, great food, and lots of down time together.

Roscoe was so so so so happy to have family here. 
He was spoiled rotten. 
Christmas is way more fun when there is a little one in the house.
So much fun!

I think our little Alabama Christmas was magical. 
I am so thankful to my family for making the effort to visit for the holiday.
It was a magical time that I will always cherish. 

I hope your holiday was filled with love and good times. 

I'm hoping things calm down for a little bit for our little family. 
Coco is growing way too fast and I want to stop time for just a bit. 
Wish me luck with that. 

Fritzi Marie