Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Doo Nanny Flower Crown Giveaway (Closed)

Beautiful Friends,

Happy July. 
I hope this month is filled with magic and adventure for you. 
I am getting super excited because my sister Annie is coming to visit for my birthday. 
To me, sister time is the perfect birthday present. 
We may even go to the beach. 
Did you know that Bettie Page made many of her costumes and swimsuits? 
I love that she paired the one above with a flower crown.

Just because I love July so much and I adore you all, I am giving away a Doo Nanny flower crown / headband to one lucky friend. 
Please visit my shop and leave a comment here to enter.
Oh, and tell your friends too. 
We all need to celebrate.
I hope these crowns take you on many adventures and help you channel your inner Bettie Page. 
She is such an inspiration to me. 

Also, I am offering free shipping on Doo Nanny flower crown / headbands to celebrate their debut in my shop this week. 
Code: Roscoe

love love,
Fritzi Marie


Phoenix Peacock said...

Yes yes!!!! I've been excitedly waiting for theses!!

Dani Rose said...

I am in love with the purple one! So much fun!

Tamina listening said...

Oh they are so pretty! I just pixie cut my hair and these would look so fabulous!

eewingo (at) gmail (dot) com

Sandra said...

These are beautiful! Roses are my favorite, and I am in love with the read one. <3

Kristen said...

I think these are darling! I would LOVE one for Lauren, any color would be fun!

Stacie Smith said...

I want to win! I love red... or surprise me.

SoniaV said...

Yo quiero uno en rojo para poner en el Día de los Muertos 2013!! XOXO

Alex said...

Completely in love with these! Can't decide if I like red or purple more. Can't decide if the smaller or bigger version would look better with my (short, curly, asymmetrical) hair. Might have to get them all. :)

Maryellen Murphy said...

Your work is gorgeous! Would love to let my inner Bettie shine with one of these head pieces!

Micaela said...

Since I have one (most perfect birthday gift Kitty!) I can vouch that they are just so wonderfully made. I LOVE mine!!! I have been meaning to share about your generous giveaway and stole a few minutes inbetween coffee and a fussy baby ;) to blog about it!

XO love you dear friend


jennifer said...

id love to win

Marz said...

SO beautiful Kitty!!! You remind me SO much of your muse Bettie! I would LOVE to win the red one so I don't have to steal twinkie's ;) Such a sweet giveaway xo

SimplyJess said...

.. I would love to win this beautifully made crown, it would fit my baby girl perfectly, my Frida would look beautiful in one of these!! Such a great giveaway!!!..