Monday, June 24, 2013

Circus Monkeys

 Dearest Friends,

We are photographing our vintage items to go in the shop tomorrow morning
Fingers crossed that the sun is out.
I have been hoarding treasure for the past couple of years.
Pregnancy and Roscoe's first year put everything on the back burner.
I feel like we are finally coming up for air. 
I wanted to let you know that we will also be selling the sock monkeys I make in the shop. 
I love adding vintage details to them to make them more personalized.

I won this Shrine Circus poster at The Possum Trot auction a couple of years ago. 
It inspired our circus photo shoot with Candy of Picture Perfect.

I just can not decide who is the better sock monkey model, Roscoe or Bono Baby. 
These boys win me over day after day. 

love love,
Fritzi Marie

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Nicole Underwood Gonzalez said...

Your models are SUPER cute!