Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Baby Ducklings and Lightning Bugs

Dear Friends,

Life here in the South is getting muggy and hot. 
We sighted the first lightning bugs of the season in our backyard last night. 
Roscoe just had another growth spurt and his molars are coming in. 
I think this photo sums up his personality pretty well. 
He is sassy. 
(Just like his Mommy)

Roscoe is discovering new things everyday. 
He and Bono are getting along better. 
That took a while. 
He is in love with the cowboy boots a friend sent him. 
He clumps around the house and bosses Bono Baby around.

 We have been busy chasing after the little men.
We look forward to Farmers Market Thursdays. 
Our sweet local honey man isn't able to make it to market days any longer so we visited his farm and stocked up on local honey. 
I think local honey is one of my very favorite treats.

On our evening walk we talked about how we have lived in the South for six years now. 
Three years in Southern Mississippi and three years in Alabama. 
The South has changed us in so many ways. 
I like to think, for the better. 
While chatting with my sister Buffy she reminded me that I will look back on this time and think it was magical. 
I love that. 
To me, the South is magical. 
I, like little man Roscoe, am discovering new things everyday. 

love love,
Fritzi Marie

p.s. We will be unveiling a new blog and shop at the end of June. 
I am so anxious to share it with you. 


Kristen said...

He is just so sweet and handsome. I miss that time with my boys so much, I would give anything to go back for a day and be with them at that age again. They are fun now, it's just different. I think the South is magical too. Mix that with our California blood and that makes for some pretty cool chicks (us, like the ones on the fence!) Love and miss you.

Jenny Holiday & Aaron said...

I love catching up with you guys! And oh geez new molars! ah! Poor little guy. He is such a character. I want to borrow him and his boots! ha!

hooray for your new look! Here's to a fabulous summer!!

xoxo Jenny

ps..ohhh how we would love to visit the south!! We will be teaching in Atlanta for the first time this fall...cannot wait!