Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hippity Hop Hop Hop


We are in project mode over here at Morris cottage.
I love being in project mode.
Many "logistics" are up in the air in our world and we are full of optimism and plans for our future.
In the meantime...I work on making things pretty.

When my beautiful sister was here for the Doo Nanny, we were able to spend Easter together. 
It just worked out and it was magical.

We had so much fun making Easter baskets for one another. 
Making Roscoe's was the most fun. 
Holidays are so much more special with him. 

In my family the Easter egg hunt is a BIG deal. 
My brother would tell you that it is a big deal for his sisters as he usually just watches. 
Something about finding the most eggs brings out our competitive nature I suppose.

I was the big egg hunt loser this year. 
Annie and Daniel both found a golden egg (filled with cash).
Lucky ducks.

Dan found another egg in our back yard yesterday.
It fell out of a tree during a storm.
And it made me sad. 
Sad that my sister isn't here but thankful that we had such a lovely Easter. 
I hope Roscoe wins the egg hunt next year. 

love love,

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Patty Pat Pat On The Back

Dearest Friends,

My goodness...I have been out of the loop. 
I think this photo of Roscoe about sums up our month. 
The little man started walking and he is everywhere. 
He is currently in love with sticks, brushes, the swiffer, rocks, eggs, apples, and the refrigerator.

We have busy getting ready for the Doo Nanny.
Our home looked like Santa's workshop for a while there. 
(If you are interested in ordering a sock monkey, I am selling them for $25 to friends).

My beautiful sister Annie came to visit.
Roscoe was so so so happy to have his Auntie Beep here to love on him.

Roscoe took his Auntie Beep to her first Doo Nanny.
I think he is the cutest little escort ever.

They saw all sorts of magic and wonderment.

I was able to cross off a goal on my bucket list. 
We had our own booth at the Doo Nanny.
It was lots of fun and I am so proud of us for doing it. 
Big pats on the back all around. 

Dan had this sign made for our little shop. 
I can't wait to pretty it up.

The Doo Nanny was magical.
We danced and danced.
It has been a special time for us here in Alabama.
Spring is here in full force and we have many projects in the works. 
Life is good and I am feel very lucky to have so much love in my world. 

Fritzi Marie

p.s. Thank you for being part of my world. 
I adore you.