Friday, February 15, 2013

A Muse In The Making

Did you have a magical Valentine's Day? 
We've been celebrating all week. 
Sadly, Baby Coco is feeling under the weather so we will be celebrating all weekend long. 

I've been thinking about my single girl days. 
When Dan and I were dating he lived in Washington and I lived in California. 
I was going to grad school, tutoring Japanese students, substitute teaching, and working at The Norton Simon Museum of Art.
Dan had just finished his MFA and was working for a press. 
I would look at this painting, Young Girl Writing a Love Letter by Rotari while on my breaks at the museum and it would remind me of how I felt about my Daniel. 
The longing that happens when you love someone who is far away.
I loved our correspondence. 
I fell in love with him and his words. 
I loved that he wrote poetry.
I wanted to be his muse.

I think my favorite part about Valentine's Day is the correspondence. 
Taking the time to tell your loved ones how you feel about them. 
My love letters/Valentine's were short and sweet this year.
Sometimes all you need to write is, I love you. 

We have big plans to spend our weekend getting over our colds and watching romantic films like Bright Star and Miss Potter
Dan is making lobster tails and I am making Jenny's perfect chocolate cake. 

Thank you for being my friends.
I adore you.
love love,
Fritzi Marie

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There is a sneak peak of Baby Coco's first photoshoot. 

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taylrmre said...

I could NEVER get Todd to watch a Romantic movie. We don't get to watch much tv. :( Sometimes I miss watching movies. It's been a longgg time. So glad that you had a wonderful Valentines Day Kitty. We went to dinner, it was nice. :) xoxo Nettie.