Saturday, January 26, 2013

He Has A Twinkle In His Eye


We celebrated Roscoe's birthday this week and it was grand. 

Bono Baby supervised the decorating. 
He is so classy.

I think the balloons were Roscoe's favorite part of his birthday.
He also loved his cake, all the attention, and unwrapping his presents.

I feel like his birthday was such a big day for our little family. 
It was magical. 
I wish you all could have been with us to celebrate. 

Here's to making all of Roscoe's birthday wishes come true. 

love love,
Fritzi Marie

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Roscoe

Roscoe's birthday is tomorrow. 
On the eve of my little man's first birthday, I can't
 help but think of my own Mother and how much she does for me. 
This past year has been filled with revelations about Motherhood for me. 
Roscoe changed my whole world. 
I am a new person because of him. 
I feel so lucky to be his Mommy. 

Happy Birthday Baby Coco. 

love you,
Your Mommy

Monday, January 14, 2013

Adventure Is Out There

Dear Friends,

We are home again and getting back into the swing of things. 
We spent our Christmas vacation in Southern California and took a road trip up the coast to Seattle. 
Our little family (Bono Baby included) had quite the adventure. 
We were able to visit with every member of our immediate family and it was a precious time for us. 

I returned to Alabama feeling inspired and over the moon happy. 
I am thrilled to report that I am feeling like myself again. 
This new year, this fresh start, makes my heart feel hopeful. 
I am feeling inspired and ready to make lots of wishes. 
I truly feel like this year is going to be special.
For all of us.

Our little man, Roscoe, is very close to walking and we are busily preparing for his first birthday on January 23rd. 
I never thought I could be this excited about someone else's birthday. 
We can't wait to celebrate with our little man. 

Happy New Year Friends. 
Here's to filling it with magic and adventure.
much love,
Fritzi Marie

p.s. I hope to share some of our adventures with you here.  We documented it on instagram (fritzimarie1111) if you want to take a peak.