Thursday, November 22, 2012

Today I Am Thankful

Dearest Friends and Family,

Happy Thanksgiving from our little family in Auburn, Alabama. 
We got dressed up in our Auburn gear and walked around campus this morning. 
Daniel is cooking Thanksgiving dinner.

I've been thinking of what I am thankful for and I want to tell you all that Daniel is who I am most thankful for.
Our little family is my whole world and I adore my sweet baby boys. 
My dear husband has been putting up with/taking care of me while I have been dealing with a bad (for me) case of postpartum depression.
It's not something I really want to admit to or talk about but it is very real and I am looking forward to feeling like myself again some time soon.

I hope you can all be patient with me and know that I am not myself right now. 
I love love love you all so very much.

Happy Thanksgiving. 


Anna @ annie and m said...

Happy Thanksgiving Kitty! You have a beautiful family and are so blessed to have them in your life. I hope your day was filled with yummy food and good memories.

My thoughts are with you as you deal with the not-so happy part of having children. I silently dealt with my own depression, not admitting to it until years later. You are so good to be able to say it like it is. Know that you are never alone.

Holly Hall said...

You're definitely not alone! You have such a wonderful little family, and I'm glad you have a strong shoulder to lean on as you go through this. It will get better and easier. I'm always just an email away if you need an ear. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your boys. <3

Rhianne said...

I just adore that first photo :)

Sometimes admitting it is the hardest bit, I still can't admit some things to anyone, let alone on my blog... so I'm sending you lots of love (as always)

Sam said...

Your boys are so beautiful.

Oh, honey. I sure hate to hear that you're going through postpartum depression. But being open about it, getting whatever help you need to help you through - that's all that matters. You are not alone. You're a great mama - I can tell! - and hoping this is just a speed bump along the way to many happy, joyful days ahead.