Sunday, November 04, 2012

11 Years Of Love

Happy Birthday Bono Baby. 
Thank you for taking care of me for all these years. 
I know I was a meanie pants when I was pregnant and then I brought Roscoe home and you wonder about all that. 
You are such a trooper.
Thank you for loving on Roscoe and trying hard to be nice to him when he steals your toys and grabs your cute little tail.
You, my sweet puppy, mean the world to me and I love you so so so much.
Roscoe and Daniel love you too. 

Happy 11th Birthday.

Your Family


Marty said...

Happy Birthday Bono Baby! Did I ever tell you I love your name? I do. And I know just how much your mama loves you because I had a special furry boy once, too. You are adorable, just like he was.

Rhianne said...

awww, happy birthday Bono, you are a lovely little trooper. I hope you get spoilt rotten :)

felicia said...

Happy Birthday sweet Bono! xoxo

Karen said...

Bono Baby... Happy Happy B-day !!
(and you don't look a day over 3 to me !!)
Hope there will be beau-coup birthday treats !!