Thursday, October 18, 2012

Auntie Buff

I forgot to tell you all about so many adventures Roscoe and I had while on our trip home last month. 
The little man and I had the chance to go to Arizona to see my beautiful sister Buffy for a few days.
 My Buffy WAS the baby in our family for a very long time.
Now she's Auntie Buff to our Roscoe.  

We had a magical time shopping, visiting olive groves, taking photo's, chit chatting, eating fabulous food, and reuniting with good friends. 
I wish I could live next door to Buffy.
We always have the most fun.

Three of my dearest friends live there and we had a fabulous reunion. 
I am so lucky to have so many "sisters" out in the world.
They make my heart happy.
I love all my friends so so so much.

love love,


Anna @ annie and m said...

I remember you mentioning a visit to Arizona....I'm so glad you got to visit with family and dear friends. We moved from there earlier this year and I have so many good memories of that beautiful state.

Unknown said...

my friend loren has a crush on you.