Monday, September 24, 2012

We LOVE In-N-Out

Dan and I are big fans of In-N-Out Burger. 
I think everyone is really. 
Dan loves to order a Double Double animal style, fries well done, and a Neapolitan shake. 
I love to order a grilled cheese with extra tomato, a big Diet Coke, and I nibble on his fries. 

Roscoe and I met up with one of my dear friends for Roscoe's first visit to In-N-Out. 
I had to go out a few days ahead of his official visit to get him this onesie so he could look like a milkshake. 
I just had to. 

My friend and I had so much fun sharing In-N-Out with Roscoe. 
We ate grilled cheese sandwiches and shared stories about our lives. 
It feel so thankful to have had time to reconnect with dear friends.

Anyhow, I felt super guilty about introducing In-N-Out to Roscoe without Daniel. 
So we went to Five Guys this afternoon for a family date. 
It is not the same as In-N-Out but it was pretty good. 
We feel pretty lucky to have one in our little neighborhood. 
It sure does do in a pinch.

Do you have a favorite burger joint?
Dan is always on the hunt for a good burger. 
Fritzi Marie


Giuli said...

I just found out from a friend of mine that you can order the fries animal style too. Ummm, can you say yummmy.


Anonymous said...

Locally- southwest Washington state- there is a wonderful place called 'Nipps'.
Seasoned fries, grilled onions if you like, and everything is SO hot and fresh- the hamburger is piping but the lettuce will still be cold when you unwrap it !!

And- All baby boys need to wear milkshake shirts with a hat !!

Chronically Vintage said...

Your little guy is too cute for words! Love his tiny newsboy cap.

We don't have In-N-Out up here in Canada, though in recent years we have seen one famous US burger chain (Carls Jr) set up shop on this side of the border, so maybe In-N-Out will some day, too.

♥ Jessica

Amanda Laurel Atkins said...

This post is so cute. I love the picture of you and Roscoe in the In-n-Out hats!! We have a five guys near my parents' house and we love to go there, too! I love that the grilled cheese is on a little hamburger bun. :)
Love you, Kat!