Sunday, September 23, 2012


I am so lucky to still have a home to go home to. 
My Mommy and Dad CJ still live in the home that I grew up in. 
It was so sweet for me to be able to introduce Roscoe to my little hometown in Southern California. 
I loved sitting out on the front lawn of my childhood home with my little man. 
I told him all about how I used to run around in the sprinklers with my brother and sisters in that front yard. 

This is my families little home in Monrovia. 
It makes me so happy.
When I arrived I was so surprised by the new paint job on the house. 
It looks so nice.

The day we arrived was my Daddy's birthday so we went to his favorite dono store to pick up some of his favorite dono's (bear claws) and we went to the cemetery to visit.

It is strange and comforting to be able to have so many memories attached to a place. 
So many places we visited brought back happy happy memories. 
It was a magical way to introduce Roscoe to his home away from home. 

Do you still have a home to go home too? 

love love,
Fritzi Marie

I have been overwhlemed with life since returning from our adventure. 
It is taking a while for me to catch up.
Tonight I plan to cuddle with my boys in bed while we watch a movie and eat popcorn. 
Sounds perfect.    

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Phoebe said...

It is nice to have a home to go home to. I feel the same way bout my home. And I feel the same way about Christy's Donuts:) Yum!