Friday, August 10, 2012

Snippets From The Morris Dollhouse


We are a little family of sickies today. 
Which in a way is nice because we are taking some time to rest up and watch movies in our jammies.
We are planning on having a lazy lazy weekend.     

This week we've been writing lists and dreaming big about our future plans. 
Dan found this typewriter to add to his collection while out treasure hunting. 

We've been working hard to get the shops ready for our vacation.

Roscoe is getting pretty good at treasure hunting and working his lucky charm magic. 

We have been celebrating Dan's 40th birthday all month. 
This morning we celebrated by going out for a southern breakfast. 
Bono loved the bacon we brought home. 
He loves his treats, that's for sure.

Our dear friend sent Roscoe this It's A Small World book and we have been reading it to our little man (while listening to the music from the ride).

I've been thinking a lot about my new Mommy role. 
I never realized how much being a Mommy would change my life. 
The whole world looks different to me now that Roscoe is here with us. 
It's more magical. 

Happy Weekend Wishes.

Fritzi Marie


Anna @ annie and m said...

Boo for the sickies! But yeah for a day of movie watching. I just love your family's sweet outfits. Hope ya'll get better super soon!

Unknown said...

Oh no! Sickies & birthdays don't mix well...but at least you had mellow plans~*

A.M said...

It's actually a good thing that you guys are all our house we always get it one after the other after the other and it just keeps going on for at least a month ugh :(
A lazy weekend sounds awesome though, I want one of those without the sickness!

Sarah Jane said...

I love the typewriter. I have a similar one in blue. Yay for lazy jammy days. Sometimes being sick is the only time you get them! xx

Kristen said...

Sorry to hear that you are sick! Roscoe got that book quick! Hooray for fast mail! Hope he loves it - I'm sorry that my dresser had possession of it for the past 4 months. I have no excuses...but at least I thought about Roscoe and you every time I looked at it! :)