Monday, August 20, 2012

Dan's Meat Party


Today is my Hot Dog's (Daniel Walter's) 40th birthday. 
We had his Meat Party this weekend. 

Most of you know that I don't eat red meat (well I'll admit that I started eating bacon a bit when I got pregnant with Roscoe).  Anyhow, Dan doesn't get to eat as much meat as he would like so he requested that we celebrate by having a meat party. 
Dan made beer brats and grilled burgers on his new Weber grill that my sister Annie gifted him for this special birthday. 

Bono Baby was in hog heaven.
He even made nice with our guests. 
They were sweet to share their treats with him.

Our dear friends from Dan's grad school days (in Mississippi) were able to come over to celebrate. 
We love being with them so much. 

There was plenty of food and festive conversation. 

Roscoe was on good behavior. 
He even chilled out in his bouncy chair (a rarity) while we ate. 

Roscoe loved flirting with his "Aunties".
Our little man is all eyes.

Daniel wanted 40 candles to blow out and wish on. 
With all the candle magic and fun times with friends, he forgot to wish. 
Thankfully a dear friend dropped off cupcakes last night so he can make his official wish today. 
Wish making is a big deal around here. 

Happy 40th Birthday. 
I love you so much and very much. 

love and hugs,
Fritzi Marie


Marty said...

I love his cake! Next year I want to do the same thing, one candle for each year :) My kiddos would love that too. I also love how important wish-making is at your house! Very sweet and magical. Happy Birthday to your hubby! You guys and Roscoe and Bono Baby make the cutest family ever.

Holly Hall said...

MEAT PAR-TAY!! Happy Birthday, Dan!

Kristen said...

Dan and Greg would get along famously - a MEAT party! Love it and it looks like you had a great time! Happy Birthday to Dan!

Jenny Holiday & Aaron said...

Ohh what a fun fun time!! I chuckled at the idea of "meat party" . It totally sounds like something Aaron would say! We all go nuts for carnival foods...and the "meat smoke" trucks!

I've been meaning to tell you how adorbs I think you guys are! :)

And ohhh my gosh I sooo want a piece of the cake RIGHT NOW! geez! That frosting looks perfection!

Happy Birthday to Daniel Walter!! Walter is my dad's middle name and my brother's name.

xo Jenny

Lan said...

the pictures are so beautiful *_* your blog is very good and interesting. maybe follow? im glad if you visit my blog, too :)) keep in touch!


Unknown said...

looks so cute! love the cake

Happy Saturday! have a great weekend! Drop by and say hello!

A.M said...

How fun!
That cake looks delicious!!!
Happy Birthday to the hubby!