Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mommy And Roscoe Traditions

Daniel and I have already established many family traditions during our 6 years of marriage. 
Having Roscoe is inspiring us to come up with many more. 
We started a Mommy birthday tradition this year. 
Every year, Roscoe will get me a card (I always find cards that I love so much that I want to frame them) then he will write me a note in them.

I always pick up wood frames from yard sales. 
I can't stand the plastic frames they sell everywhere now. 
I like to paint the wood ones. 
Many times they are filled with something ugly that is matted. 
I cover the old matts with washi tape and pretty them up.

This year Roscoe picked out this Amelie note card and signed it with his paw prints. 
Daniel signed it too. 
I hope to one day have a wall filled with beautiful framed cards that each contain a secret birthday wish from my sweet boys. 

I think family traditions are magical. 
I love to look around my home and feel sentimental about so many things. 

I hope you had a lovely weekend.
(We spent ours close to home because the little man has been sick).
So happy we did because we took a few family naps. 

love and hugs,
Fritzi Marie


Rhianne said...

I love tradtions too, this is beautiful, I might have welled up a little bit :)

Rae - Say It Aint So said...

that is a really sweet idea. i love the washi tape on the mat too! I'm totally going to use that idea!