Sunday, July 08, 2012

He Wears Many Hats

Our little man Roscoe got himself a new hat yesterday. 
He has quite the collection of head wear piling up in his closet.
Roscoe has big plans to wear this hat (that his new friend Frost made) when he goes to dip his toes in the California ocean at the end of the summer.  

We are going home to California for a little visit.
(I can't wait to introduce Roscoe to his Great Aunties, his cousins, his Auntie Katherine, Uncle Doug, and my friends). 
We are over the moon excited about it.
Roscoe plans on taking lots of hats. 

Do any of you have tips for taking a baby on an airplane? 
I'm all ears.

love love,
Roscoe and Fritzi Marie


Dyan said...

I'm sure he will love showing off his hats on the west coast! Tips for baby travel....feed him at take off and landing to help keep his ears open with pressure change. Take change of clothes for him and you...the plane altitude seems to make for great blowouts :)

Momma J said...

Ditto the feeding take off and landing. Also if he has favorite books/toys take those. Hopefully he will sleep for you!! You can gate check a stroller (like the small umbrella style if you have it) so you don't have to carry him around the entire time you are waiting to board. Have fun with the family and friends!!