Sunday, July 01, 2012

Happy Birthday Month To Me


July is here, my birth month, and I am ready to start celebrating. 
Those of you who know me well know that I am into birthday celebrating big time. 
It takes a month to celebrate properly (in my world). 
I have been telling Daniel all year that this year we need to down play my birthday because in August Dan is turning the big 4 0 and we need to focus all of our celebrating on that special day. 

With this being July 1st, I have been thinking about what I accomplished this year, my 36th. 
I have quickly concluded that my only real accomplishment this year was bringing my dear Roscoe into the world. 
While there are so many other things I had hoped to do, I really can't think of a bigger accomplishment.

What I have missed the most this year is my beauty. 
I mean, I miss feeling beautiful. 
I miss the time it takes to make myself feel attractive. 
So, for my birthday month, I am giving myself (with Dan's help) 13 days to make myself feel more like "me". 
I wrote up a list of to do's and I thought I would share them with you, just in case you want to join in and help me celebrate turning 37. 

Kitty's Birthday Month Gift To Herself List

1.  Write my friends back. 
(Roscoe and Bono Baby get upset when I sit down to write emails so this is a luxury)
2.  Shave my legs.
3.  Paint my nails.
4.  Take myself to a movie show. 
5.  Do Yoga without Roscoe and Bono Baby in the room. 
6.  Finish a project.
7. Take my boys to the park. 
8.  Cross a life goal off of my list. 
9.  Shape my eyebrows. 
10.  Do my hair. 
11.  Go treasure hunting. 
12.  Organinze my beauty products so I can make myself feel pretty in a hurry. 
13.  Celebrate my big day. 

I will be sharing photo's of my birthday month adventures and I hope you will join me and celebrate with me. 
Think of me next time you paint your nails. 
Paint one finger with glitter polish just because. 

I am so excited. 

Fritzi Marie

p.s. I love that my little man Roscoe looks a little bit like me as a child. 
The photo above is of a sneaky little me while visiting my Grandparents in Missouri. 
Roscoe makes that same sneaky little face.  


Anonymous said...

i can totally relate to the shaving "Sona"

Rae - Say It Aint So said...

Happy birthday month! I hope you get to every single goal

Anna @ annie and m said...

Happy Birthday Month To You! I hope you get to cross off everything on your list (maybe more than once!).

Cammie Smith said...

This is so cute. You have the best birthday month, ever! I love the list of stuff you're gonna do.

Kristen said...

Honey, go and get your legs waxed! It's the only way mine stay smooth being a busy mama! I love your list - putting yourself first when you are a mom is hard. I am still learning this. But I am a better wife and mom when I DO IT! Happy Birthday month!

ps...your word verification makes me cranky. It takes me like 3 tries for it to approve my comments. :(