Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What's Happening Hotstuff?


We are knee deep in summertime goodness on our end. 
Roscoe went to his first auction at The Possum Trot.
He helped his Daddy bid on a new typewriter for his collection. 
Roscoe also hammed it up with me in Butch's vintage photo booth.

We went treasure hunting at the world's widest yard sale which ran the length of highway 80 across Alabama. 

Roscoe chilled with Eva while we took photos for the shops. 

The little man and "Uncle Butch" chit chatted with the peacocks.
They both look fabulous in overalls.  

We've been treating ourselves to mini day trips and last weekend we went to LaGrange, Georgia, to visit Charlie Joseph's
We love visiting small southen towns. 

Roscoe made his first official scene when he tipped over a whole bowl of veggie soup on all of us. 
We love him even though he is messy.

We have been super busy, but oh so happy. 
We hope you are living it up and enjoying your summer.
love love,
Fritzi Marie


Kristen said...

When I read your title I did it in the voice of Long Duck Dong from 16 Candles - ha! Look at all the fun Roscoe is having! What a fun summer!

Kitty said...

Dear Kristen,
Good! That is what I was hoping for. I love Molly movies. I hope you and your little one's are having an amazing summer.
love love,

A'n'G Johnson said...

what a delightful happy post. I hope you are as happy and delighted as you sound. I've missed you!

Megan said...

I love how calm Roscoe is around dogs. This bodes well for his future as a dog lover :)