Sunday, June 03, 2012

The Slow Life

We are making a conscious effort to slow things down (big time) this summer. 
So far we are loving long afternoons in our backyard. 
My sister Auntie Beep hooked Roscoe up with a little swimming pool and she gifted Dan a new grill for his upcoming 40th birthday.
(Dan is in LOVE with his grill) 
I will say this, hanging out in the backyard is way more fun when your sister is visiting. 
I didn't even mind the bug bites when she was here. 

One of our favorite summer time things to do is to go to the local farmers market. 
Where we live we are extra lucky because there are two farmers markets during the week.
  Dan has been grilling lots of fresh squash for me on his new grill.

We also like to take little adventure trips. 
We love to find new discoveries that are tucked away behind the Alabama kudzu. 
You never know what you may discover.

Roscoe and Bono Baby learn new things about one another everyday. 
Bono B. looks out for our little man and he can't wait for Roscoe to figure out how to throw him his ball.   

Our very favorite thing to do is to stop by the soda store for a drink and go to our favorite park to swing in our favorite swing. 
Alabama is a magical place. 
Our little family of four loves learning more about it with each new season. 

We wish we could bottle up the magic.
I would put in a dash of honeysuckle, magnolia and throw in a lightning bug to jazz it up.
Then I would tie a pretty piece of ric rack around your bottle because I love to make things pretty.   

Here's to slowing down and eating popsicles. 

Fritzi Marie


Deja said...

This sounds like a super lovely life to me. Our summer will be very slow, too. Slower than we expected, as I'll be on bed rest for most of it, looks like. We'll have to go on adventures from our living room couch ...

Marz said...

I ADORE Roscoe having fun in the sun in his new pool! Such a precious photo of your adorable baby boy! What a special gift from his auntie! :) I'm so happy for your sister's visit. Alabama truly does look like a magical place. I wish I could spend a summer day doing all these things with your beautiful family!