Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Little Things


Happy Summertime wishes to you all. 
We have been enjoying our summer to no end. 
Daniel, Roscoe, and Bono Baby gave me these flowers that they picked up for me at the local farmers market. 
I can't stop oooohing and awwwing over them. 
I love them so much. 

Roscoe is growing and we are trying to make the most of his favorite outfits before he grows out of them. 
He loves this little cowboy sleeper.
I love the colors of these paperbacks that we noticed at the used book store.   

Roscoe and Bono Baby are getting to know one another a little bit better every day and they like to play in Roscoe's nursery. 
I thank my lucky stars for my boys.
They make me feel so special. 

The also make me feel very needed.  Sometimes too needed. 
I've been taking a water aerobics class and I love it. 
My time at class gives me a chance to take care of myself. 
Daniel has tomorrow off and he is gifting me some time to work on art projects. 
I can't wait to lose myself in a project. 
I hope you all take some time to pamper yourself this week. 

Fritzi Marie


Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, that Roscoe is one of the most photogenic babies I've ever seen. He's so sweet. My favorite is the one of him getting tossed into the air by Dan with a huge grin. So happy for your sweet little family. Wishing you lots of love and fun days this summer. :) I hope someday you guys make a trip back to WA so I can meet him in person.

Marty said...

What pretty flowers :) Ah, Roscoe is so cute! Love his lil sleeper. He has the cutest little wave to his hair! What a sweet boy.