Sunday, June 17, 2012

Daddy Bear, We Love You.

Happy Father's Day. 
I hope your special day was filled with love and happy memories. 

This Father's Day has been the best Father's Day I have spent in the last 10 years. 
When my Daddy passed away Father's Day turned into a bitter sweet holiday for me. 
But now, with the arrival of our little man Roscoe, Father's Day has become a happy day once again. 

Roscoe wore his fancy boots because he likes fancy boots just like his Daddy. 
Dan spent the afternoon grilling. 
Bono Baby was a happy happy puppy (he loves meat almost as much as Daniel).

I feel so blessed to have such amazing men in my world. 
Happy Father's Day dear Daddy, Dad Morris, Dad CJ, Uncle Benner, Uncle Matt, and Uncle Doug. 
Dear Daddy Daniel,
Thank you dear husband, for being such an amazing Father to our Roscoe. 
I count my lucky stars every day. 
I love you,
Kitty Muffin-Cakes.
love love love,
Fritzi Marie
p.s. Dan has a big ol' chocolate cake with his name on it. 
I think his first Father's Day was a grand success. 


Cammie Smith said...

So sweet. You've really lucked out in the men department, sounds like! Glad you all had a lovely day. :)

Marty said...

Such adorable pics of Roscoe and his daddy :) And those shoes! Soooo cute!

felicia said...

Oh Kitty, I've welled up! I LOVE the photo of Daniel throwing Roscoe up in the air & Roscoe's wonderful joyful grin!
And his boots! I can't even take it!
Like you, father's day has been hard as I first lost my Dad, then a few years later my Grandpa who was the most important man in my life.
This year was still a bit bitter sweet as we weren't feeling well in Casa Woo on Father's Day. Matilda still gave her Dad a couple of pressies, but Mr Woo had to work and it was all kind of blue. Next year will be better!
I love your sweet little family!

Stephanie said...

Well, this is what happens when I don't read blogs for a year. Congratulations times a million! Roscoe is PERFECTION.