Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend Snippets


I hope you had a lovely weekend. 
We spent a lot of time outside enjoying the sunshine and low humidity.

We helped our friends plant a garden in our backyard. 
They are helping us learn how to garden and we are super excited to see how it all turns out. 
(This is a before shot of our backyard)

We went on a number of mini adventures (Roscoe's first trip to Five Guys), did some treasure hunting, and we went on a drive in the country (Bono Baby loves to put his head out the window).
It was so nice to relax and enjoy one another.

We hope you had a relaxing weekend too.
I think we all deserve a relaxing weekend filled with mini adventures.   

Fritzi Marie


Jill said...

Dear Kitty,
Drives in the country are one of my faves. Thanks for sharing part of your weekend with us. We think you all are the best.

Kristen said...

Good luck with the garden! This is my 3rd year and I love it. The best is canning my own salsa from our home grown tomatoes. (This is Kristen - just in case you thought my account was hijacked due to me gardening/canning and other oddities.)

Sounds like a perfect weekend. Low humidity is glorious, right?

Marty said...

It sounds LOVELY...and I love that last pic of you and Roscoe! So cute!

annie and m said...

I look forward to future garden posts! We are house hunting & it's my wish to start our first garden as soon as we can. By the way, your little family is so very sweet. I know how fun it is to dress your littles in sweet little outfits. It's bittersweet when they are old enough to decide what fashion they love.