Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Drives With Roscoe

One of our favorite things to do on Sunday afternoons is to take long drives in the country. 
Over the six year span of our marriage, Dan and I have lived in California, Mississippi, Washington, and Alabama. 
We have seen a lot of countryside on Sunday afternoons.

On today's drive, we rolled down the windows and the air smelled like honeysuckle, grass, and barbecue.
Alabama at its finest.

I love having Dan pull over so I can take quick photos of old buildings. 
We like to imagine what these towns were like 'back in the day'.

So far Roscoe loves his Sunday afternoon adventures.

He loves to wear his over sized shades and nap with the wind blowing through his hair.
So cute!

love and hugs,
Fritzi Marie

Here's to magical discoveries. 


splendeurcaisse said...

Those oversized shades are awesome. Making that baby too cute :D

Nat said...

this is so sweet - thanks for sharing! my lovely and i like nothing more than a sunday explore too...

Rae - Say It Aint So said...

haha, i love that picture of rosco. he looks like he is giving you attitude!

Kristen said...

Sunday drives are the best. I wish I could buy up every old town and building and make them come alive again. It makes me sad to see them abandoned and gone - you wonder what happened to everyone.

Jill said...

Dear Kitty,
We love Sunday drives. I imagine we'll want to take more of them now that we have a/c in our car.
Alabama summertime smells are divine--I love gardenias and honeysuckle. I've always been partial to the smell of cut grass too.
Roscoe is just the cutest.