Saturday, April 07, 2012

Happy Easter Wishes


Happy Easter Weekend.
I've been looking at old photo's of Easters past and marveling at how much Roscoe looks like me.
He looks like Daniel too but it is so strange to look at this special little creature and see myself.
I allowed myself to get in an awful funk this week and I regret wasting my time with the feelings I went through.
If I have learned anything it is that my boys are a happier bunch when I am happy. 
I want to be happy for them.
Some days it isn't easy.

I am going to pull up my bootstraps and start planning my goals for this new phase in my life. 
I am now so much more.
I have so much love around me and I need to live up to my full potential. 
I am not going to wait for anything anymore. 
I am going to live right now, in the present, and follow my dreams. 

Your friend (me) is about to get down to business.

Have fun on your Easter egg hunt (my very favorite part of Easter).

love love,
Fritzi Marie


Deja said...

My friend, I think beautiful things happen when you get down to business. I hope your dreams come true.

Kristen said...

OH! I LOVE getting down to business! Go go go! I'll do it with you (minding our own businesses of course!) ;)