Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Doo Nanny 2012 Snippets

We wish you all could have been with us at the Doo Nanny over the weekend.
We took some photo's so we could share the magic of the event with you. 

We can't wait for Doo Nanny 2013. 

Fritzi Marie


Megan said...

Looks really cool.

Will Dockery said...

Glad you liked Doo-Nanny, Fritzi, and hope to meet you there next year!

Amanda Laurel Atkins said...

Dear Kat,
I love all your photos from Doo-Nanny. I hope I can find a way to come next year. Maybe it will magically fall upon April vacation at school! I hope Roscoe enjoyed his first time going!!!

j. wilson said...

oh, was it fun? it's on my list..someday...happy april!

Jill said...

I love, love, love these Doo-Nanny snapshots. I think the knickers on the line may just be my favorite (although they are all fantastic). Maybe my family will be able to make it next year. Wouldn't that be fun?