Sunday, March 25, 2012

"The Only Truth Is Music" -Jack Kerouac


Today I plan to find happiness through good music. 
I am going to dig out some of my favorite Cd's and introduce Roscoe to my favorite bands. 
I have big plans to dance in the living room with my boys. 

Fritzi Marie

p.s. What bands would you introduce to a little man? 
My list is pretty long. 


Naomi said...

I definitely want my future children to sing along to Joni Mitchell, Miriam Makeba and Lou Reed! In terms of "children's music," I still secretly love Sharon, Lois and Bram, as well as Raffi, and Medeski Martin & Wood have an excellent jazz/funk kids' album. Also, lotsa jazz, klezmer, Yiddish lullabies and Shostakovich. And swing music!

Kelly said...

Gosh, my list is long also. I'll stick with one for now, Bag of Hammers:

Rachel Elizabeth said...

This is what I have had on repeat lately -->