Thursday, March 22, 2012

I Want My Pretty Back

Dear Friends,

I am down in the dumps. 
I feel so overwhelmed with my new life. 
I feel like giving up on blogging. 
I feel like I will never start to look and feel like my old self again. 
I am trying to carve out some time to read a little bit everyday. 
I am re-reading Molly Ringwald's book, Getting The Pretty Back
I love this book so much. 
She has helped me find my pretty two times in the past. 
This time I feel like I can relate to her in a totally different way (as a new Mom).
I am also reading, Bringing up BeBe by Pamela Druckerman. 
I always wanted to have a child with a french accent so I figure reading this book is the next best thing.

What do you do to get yourself out of a funk?  
What tricks do you have for getting your pretty back? 

Fritzi Marie


Amanda Laurel Atkins said...

Dear Kat,
You are so beautiful. I wish I could help you get out of your funk. Sometimes when I feel really down, I try to see myself the way my friends see me and it helps. I think all my friends are so beautiful and talented but they don't always see it in themselves. I think we see each other better than we do our own selves. You are so amazing to me, Kat! I have so much faith that you will start to feel like your self again. I love you!
xoxoxo Amanda

Kristen said...

OH! I just listed to Pamela on NPR on the other day talking about this book - it sounded so interesting! It's hard getting the pretty back after a baby. I tried to make sure I showered, dressed (NO pjs!) did my hair and wore make up. Then I didn't feel like such a slug. I tried to make sure I had somewhere to go often, even if it was just for a quick walk. Getting out and about helped me feel back to normal, like life still went on, just with a diaper bag instead! ;)

felicia said...

YES! I love Bringing up Bebe! It's brilliant!
There are no two ways about it, new mommyhood is hard. It's way harder when you're not with your family and closests. We're both super lucky to have great husbands who are great dads too, but sometimes we just need our own Moms or sister or sister friends. So if we are missing that, I think it's ok to mourn over it occasionally and not feel guilty about feeling bad.
I agree with Kristen. We all have something that makes us feel human or even better, like ourselves. For me it's having a shower. I don't need to get my hair dried or make up on to feel good, I just need to feel clean!
If I can grab a shower I can almost take on the whole world! Sounds like reading is on your list and it's awesome that you're making time for it!
I also know that you can be hard on yourself Kitty, please have some grace for you. We're still really new at this whole thing. My dr. said "it's still early days" when I was expecting to be an expert and for my body to be totally healed up by my 6 week check up last week.
It takes time. And that's ok. I would love to keep writing but a certain tiny princess is calling! Love & hugs x

Unknown said...

Those first few weeks/months are the worst! You're sleep deprived, your body is adjusting to different hormones than you had during pregnancy (so hormone wise, it's as bad as puberty or menopause!) you're having to learn how to be a mom, and you've got a new little person who now takes up all your time and energy. Those first few weeks, I felt like "Ashley" had been eaten by "Mommy", and that I didn't exist anymore. It gets better! Today is the 6 month anniversary of Logan's birth, and now I get a shower every day (because he can play alone with his toys now) and I have some time to sew or do something for myself each day. I think it helps to be realistic with yourself, too. Those first few weeks, I thought I should be able to do all the same chores and activities during the day that I did before Logan was born, on top of being able to shower/dress/etc each day. When I realized that was not going to happen for a while and came to accept that, I didn't beat myself up as much over the dishes or laundry not being done. Now, they get done because things are easier with an older baby.
Also, don't expect to be 100% back to normal physically so quickly. It will come, it just takes time. It took 9 months to carry him, it'll take at least 9 months to get over it! My body was pretty sore for the first 12 weeks, and now it feels so much better. I *feel* back to normal, but looks-wise, my body is still getting there, with miles left to go.
You are beautiful, you are strong, you can do this! Just don't expect too much of yourself too soon. You'll get there when it's time.

yiching said...

Dear Kitty,

You are the prettiest of the pretty... don't you forget that!

love and hugs.

Anonymous said...

Kathryn Marie Holling, my firstborn. I saw you first and the minute I laid eyes on you.....I knew that you had to be the most beautiful baby girl that I had ever seen. Nothing has changed in regards to are beautiful in so many ways including physically. Continue to find strength in the journey....these are days to enjoy immensely...even with the challenges of early, my beautiful firstborn daughter are having a joyous adventure....with all the bells and whistles. Relax and go with the "flow". You know, Mommy knows best. I love you just like you are....any day...and all days. Now, smile for the camera. Hug my baby sweet, precious grandson.

Rachel Elizabeth said...

Being a new mom is so hard. Everyone talks about sleepless nights and baby barf but no one really focuses on the fact that you have an entire added identity. A woman becomes a mom at the same moment a child officially become a son or daughter. Try and enjoy it and find yourself in it. Try not to forget that you are still in there under it all. You are still you, just with an adorable baby bonus!