Thursday, March 29, 2012

Opinionated Roscoe

Roscoe went on his first trip to an art museum today. 
He made this face at just about every painting he looked at.
I hope he is super creative when he grows up. 
Fingers crossed. 

Happy Thursday.

Fritzi Marie 

Afternoon Adventures

We took a quick trip down to see Butch yesterday. 
The Doo Nanny is this weekend and it is going to be so much fun.
 Stop by if you are in the area.   

Jill and her amazing little men went with us. 
It was so much fun to see The Museum of Wonder through their eyes.
So cute.

We also picked up some gardening ideas from Butch. 
Speaking of gardening, Jill is hosting a giveaway featuring springtime gardening and her cousin Wes who writes a blog about gardening where he gives great advice.
You should enter. 

Here's to springtime adventures. 

Fritzi Marie 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Impromptu Picnic

Happy Monday Friends.

Over the weekend we had the boy scouts come over to help us work in our yard (they are raising money for scout camp). 
Our home is surrounded by trees (so pretty) but they left us quite a mess last fall and we were too busy (and pregnant) to take care of it in a timely manner.

Our yard looks so nice now. 
Those scouts sure can work.
Anyhow, it was so nice out that we decided to have an impromptu picnic in our own little back yard.

It was magical and it boosted our spirits.

We can't wait to do it again. 

Hooray for weekend projects and Bono Baby kisses. 

Fritzi Marie

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Best

Roscoe went to church for the first time today.

I was so worried that he wouldn't be able to make it through three hours of church.

He did great. 
He slept most of the time, thank goodness. 

When Roscoe was awake he made a few new friends. 
He sure is cute in his church outfit. 

We hope your Sunday was magical. 

Fritzi Marie

"The Only Truth Is Music" -Jack Kerouac


Today I plan to find happiness through good music. 
I am going to dig out some of my favorite Cd's and introduce Roscoe to my favorite bands. 
I have big plans to dance in the living room with my boys. 

Fritzi Marie

p.s. What bands would you introduce to a little man? 
My list is pretty long. 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Finding Inspiration In My Front Yard

Dearest Friends,

Thank you so very much for your support and words of advice about my last post. 
I am still fighting the "funk" but I am doing my best to find beauty in all that I do.

One thing that brings me happiness is our family walks around the sweet little neighborhood that we live in. 
It is exploding with spring magic right now.

How could your spirits not be lifted with so much pretty waiting outside your front door. 
As I type this, I am looking out the window from Daniel's office. 
We have lanterns hanging on our front porch and little birds have built their nests within them. 
Their nests house tiny tiny birdie eggs. 
I can't wait to for these little one's to hatch on our front porch. 

Happy Weekend Wishes. 
love love,
Fritzi Marie

p.s. This Etsy film about Natalie of Alabama Chanin makes me happy and inspires me so. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I Want My Pretty Back

Dear Friends,

I am down in the dumps. 
I feel so overwhelmed with my new life. 
I feel like giving up on blogging. 
I feel like I will never start to look and feel like my old self again. 
I am trying to carve out some time to read a little bit everyday. 
I am re-reading Molly Ringwald's book, Getting The Pretty Back
I love this book so much. 
She has helped me find my pretty two times in the past. 
This time I feel like I can relate to her in a totally different way (as a new Mom).
I am also reading, Bringing up BeBe by Pamela Druckerman. 
I always wanted to have a child with a french accent so I figure reading this book is the next best thing.

What do you do to get yourself out of a funk?  
What tricks do you have for getting your pretty back? 

Fritzi Marie

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mommy's Little Monster

Dear Friends,

How are you? 
We miss you. 
Roscoe wishes he could give you all a big cuddle. 
Our little man is spending a lot of time eating and sleeping (he is finally letting us put him down for a nappy nap in his own bed).
We have found some favorite baby items that we thought you might be interested in. 
Roscoe has a large wardrobe filled with cute little outfits that his family and friends gifted him. 
I did buy a few outfits from Sweet Peanut and they are wonderful and super soft. 
We are also in LOVE with Zutano hats.
We bought Roscoe this Cloud B Sleep Sheep and I think it just might be my favorite baby purchase. 
It is a stuffed sheep that has a sound box tucked inside of it. 
It plays the mother's heartbeat, ocean waves, spring showers, and whale songs. 
Our favorite is ocean waves, it reminds us of our trip to  La Pusch, Washington.
Daniel, Bono Baby, and I stayed in a cabin on the beach. 
We slept with the window open so we could hear the waves crash. 
It was magical. 
We also love our Arm's Reach Mini Co-Sleeper.  
It attaches to the side of our bed.
For us, the Aden + Anais muslin swaddles are working best to swaddle our wiggly little man.
I have also found that an amazing breast pump is a must as is a great breast feeding pillow.
My hospital had an amazing group of lactation specialists and they helped me find the right pump, pillow, and bra's for me.
Thank goodness, because I was clueless.

Well there you have it, my favorite baby purchases in a nutshell.
I promise this blog won't turn in to a Mommy blog permanently. 
Please be patient with me. 

love love,
Fritzi Marie

p.s. I also could not live without a Moby Wrap and ERGObaby carrier.
They make my life so much nicer.   

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wisteria Headstones

Dearest Friends,

I've decided that being a new Mommy is hard. 
It does seem to get a little bit easier every day though. 
Today I was able to sneak away from my boys and get my hair done. 
I finally found a stylist who I adore. 
This makes me so so so happy.
Anyhow, we took Roscoe to our favorite local cemetery for a little field trip. 
The sun was out and the wisteria is blooming here in Auburn.
After making it through 9 long months of pregnancy and 7 weeks of having a little man in my life, I will admit that I have so much more respect for women. 
Mother's are amazing. 

Sorry for all the Mommy talk. 
My whole world has turned upside down. 
I have a feeling that Kitty is about to make a comeback. 
I am starting to feel like I am human again. 
Thank goodness. 

love love,
Fritzi Marie

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Mr. Fancy Pants


We've been crazy busy trying to figure out how to be parents around here. 
Roscoe is one of those babies that never wants to be put down.

Which can be a little bit frustrating. 
But when we sit back and forget about all of the things we need to get done, Roscoe will charm us all over again with his silly expressions and sweet cuddles.
He really is quite charming. 

We hope you are having a lovely week.
love love,
Fritzi Marie

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Roscoe's First Treasure Hunt

Last weekend we took Roscoe on his first treasure hunt. 
We found this amazing little girls dress for a future cousin to Roscoe. 
Wouldn't it be the perfect flower girl dress?

I found this beautiful handkerchief for my hankie collection. 
I love finding red and white pretties. 
This sheer scallop edged scarf was $1.50 and I can't wait to wear it.

We also found this little collection of vintage paper lanterns. 
I think I am becoming a party decoration hoarder, and I'm okay with that.

A first treasure hunt adventure for a five week old Mr. Roscoe would not be complete without a special something for our little man.
This little embroidered hat is the perfect piece of treasure for him. 
Did I tell you that we went to the doctor last week and his head is an inch bigger?
Soon, he will be able to start wearing his fancy hats that we have been collecting. 
Too cute. 

We hope you found some special treasures lately. 
Treasure hunts are the most fun. 

love love,
Fritzi Marie