Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Room Fit For Baby Coco


I finally got around to taking photo's of Roscoe's little room. 
My parents arrive this evening so I figured I better capture the room before they take it over. 
I still need to finish the curtains so please forgive.  

This special little room is so full of love. 
So many of you have sent little bits of happiness to Baby Coco and I love to sit in there and think about all of the family and friends that are already smitten by our little man.

Every item in here holds a story.
I am looking forward to telling Roscoe all of the stories behind his special room.

Thank you sweet friends and family for all you have done to support Daniel and me on this new adventure. 
We feel overwhelmed with love and thankfulness. 

Fritzi Marie

p.s. If you ever come to visit, you can have a slumber party with Roscoe.
How fun!


The Sperry Fam said...

I love the room. I'm so excited for you and Daniel. I'm excited to see pictures of him when he gets here.

Wan Family said...

The room looks perfect. I can't wait to meet him.

Carrie said...

Oh, so beautiful!

Chrissy said...

Such a lovely nursery! I love everything about it! So happy you liked the cross stitch I made - I see you painted the hoop - lovely! Can't wait to meet that little guy!
Hugs xxx

annie & m said...

What a dreamy little nursery! There are so many pretty things for him to look at. I love that there is a history to it all - that makes it so much more special. I can't wait to see your new little one.

Kristen said...

I love his room! It's just how I imagined it from the hints you gave me. He is one lucky little boy!

Rae said...

such a sweet room. every single thing in it looks so well chosen and special! i love his mobile, and that rocker! what a lucky little dude to already be so loved.

Micaela said...

dearest kitty, it is PERFECT!!! baby Coco will have the sweetest dreams and laugh in this beautiful nursery put together by his loving parents. we all can't wait to meet him <3 xoxo

Deja said...

You made a beautiful space for your new friend. Well done. I would love to hear more of the love stories! I am particularly smitten with that chair ...

Amanda Laurel Atkins said...

Dear Kat,
Baby Coco's nursery came out SO beautiful! I am having so much fun looking at all the pictures and noticing more and more cute little things. I absolutely love how it turned out! You must feel so proud. It's truly one of the most beautiful nurseries I've ever seen.
I adore you!
ps - guess what the word verification code is? "pintsize"! like a baby :)

Rhianne said...

oh Kat, it looks perfect! Just so lovely :)

sweetheartville said...

Oh, what a sweet little room! I love every detail. I'm so happy for you!

Sam said...

What a truly lovely nursery! Will you be available for consultation in the future? :) I love the lamp mobile and every about it! Sending you only good thoughts and wishes as you await baby Coco's arrival!

missy. said...

aww love, the rooms looks perfect. he will absolutely love it. xoxo

b and e said...

Just letting you know I'm TOTALLY using your room as inpiration for my little man who is already 7 months but with such a tiny room (half the size of yours there) I haven't been able to do what I would like. But your room has plenty of ideas!