Sunday, January 01, 2012

Good Luck Traditions

Daniel made our traditional good luck meal of corn sticks, black-eyed peas, and collard greens mixed into a pot likker soup today. 
 I think 2012 just might be our luckiest year yet. 
Fingers crossed.

We finished off our lucky 2012 meal with a Bosco bar that we have been saving in our freezer. 
It is after all our year to welcome our Roscoe into the world. 

Did you have a traditional good luck meal today? 

love love,
Fritzi Marie


Amanda Laurel Atkins said...

Dear Kat,
happy new year!!! I love that the chocolate is named "Bosco" - a combination of Bosco and Roscoe! I know this year is going to be very wonderful and lucky for you and Dan. My best friend Rachel and I went out for breakfast this morning for a good start to the new year.
I love you and wish all the best for you this year!

felicia said...

mmmm! almost hoppin john! i totally should have made hoppin john this year! def. next year! I wonder if I can find collard greens in the UK...maybe they are just under a different name like so many other things. And I was really craving corn bread yesterday too. I found out that our Bunny, Truman, likes Tobasco sauce! It was supposed to deter him from chewing on his crate bars! But he likes it!
I've never had a Bosco bar, I know bosco from my childhood chocolate milk days - def. better than hershey syrup!
Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year Daniel, Kitty, Bono & Roscoe!!!

Giuli said...

Yeah! That looked like our new year's meal too, only I had to add baking soda to the beans so they'd cook faster (we're at 7000 ft and it takes a million years to cook beans here) and it turned them dark brown. Jack swears that he could taste the soda and we both agreed that it was the only sour note to a great meal. OMG the cornbread kicked booty!

Saucy Siciliana said...

Oh, my gosh, Bosco!!! I haven't seen that in ages! I grew up in New York, I lived there from 1962 to 1976, and I used to drink Bosco chocolate drink practically every night! So nostalgic! I see you have a chihuahua too, we also have one. Our wish for the new year is that my daughet would find a job, here in Italy it's so difficult. They used young people for internship or volunteership not paying a cent. She likes to sing though so she would rather pursue a singing career. She's a retro singer so we're trying to find a vintage look for her. Happy New Year!