Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Baby Bookshelves

Dearest Friends,

My parents are here. 
My house is clean. 
My overnight bag is almost packed. 
I still have plenty to do but I think I am almost ready for Roscoe to make his grand entrance.
He isn't due until January 31st but I am determined to be prepared. 
We did have a scare this morning.
I spent a few hours at the hospital for testing and such. 
I think everything is okay, they are just keeping a close watch is all.
For now, I am getting ready to add these baby lit books to Baby Coco's growing collection of board books.
When I worked at The Norton Simon Museum bookstore I fell in love with so many "little people" art books. 
I wish I had picked up a few of them back then. 
However, it is fun to pick them up now too.

Thank you for all of your sweet thoughts and comments about our little man's room. 
We hope he loves it. 

love and hugs,
Fritzi Marie

p.s. If I owe you an email or thank you note, I have not forgotten. 
I'm just a little behind. 


slush said...

I love those books! If you have not been watching it, Downton Abbey is so good on PBS and The Tudors on Showtime is killer. I think youd love them both. If you are trying to pass time waiting.. ;)

Kitty said...


I have big plans to start watching Downtown Abbey with my Mom while she is here. I have been waiting for her to get here. I am so excited about it. I have heard such good things. We just finished season one of Boardwalk Empire. Oh my...loved it.
I watched a few seasons of The Tudors and you are right, so good.
We'll need to chat after I get into Downtown Abbey.

love and hugs,

Rae - Say It Aint So said...

those books are so cute! i love the idea of baby jane eyre.

Suzanne Edwards said...

I am SO excited for you! These next few weeks will fly by! The nursery is adorable. Your mom being with you is sush a glorious blessing. Sorry about the scare this morning. I remember that last month in such detail! Scares, aka excited anticipation times, are common. Relish in this last of "me" time you have with your family :)

Deja said...

i feel excited about baby coco's arrival every day.

felicia said...

I'm sorry about your scare kitty! it's the worst feeling in the world. We had a terrible scare a couple of weeks ago now. I'm so pleased everything is fine & you're parents are with you!!!!
My mom has been here a few days now and is telling Baby Woo every day it's time to come out.

Those books are adorable! I will have to check them out, even if just for the covers!
Our baby library is growing too, but I think Roscoe will have the grandest baby library in the history of forever.
Hugs and lots of love xoxox

Amy said...

Glad to hear everything is ok and they are keeping a close eye on you and Baby Coco. Love you