Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Our Low Key Christmas In Alabama

Dan and I decided to go rather low key when it came to Christmas decorating this year. 
Preparing for Baby Coco to arrive is a little bit more important right now.
I hope to add some vintage bulbs to this glitter wreath next year.
I think it needs some color.

Here is our tree in all of its magical wonder. 
Daniel decorated it this year.
I was too tired, so he let me tell him which ornaments went on the front and which ones went on the back of the tree. 
We have all of the ornaments from our youth, a collection of vintage ornaments, collected ornaments from where we have vacationed, and every year we buy one ornament together. 
We like for our tree to be dripping with sentiment and memories of Christmases past.

These red votives were my Grandma McLard's. 
Every time I see a cardinal (my Grandma's favorite bird) I like to think that she sent him my way to say hello to me. 
These votives remind me of that. 
Dan and I bought the stockings for one another when we were dating. 
The mini stockings are for Bono Baby and Baby Coco.

Dan's Mom would set up this little village every year when he was growing up. 
I like to imagine that Daniel would sneak over to rearrange the little town when his Mom wasn't looking.

This blue ornament is my favorite to look at this year. 
Our friend Amanda painted a portrait of Bono Baby on it and sent it to us for Christmas last year. 
It looks exactly like Bono when he gets out of the bath. 
I adore it.

This plastic snowman is another favorite. 
It was one of the only ornaments my Mommy had on her tree when she was growing up on a farm in Missouri.

I also adore this little Santa man. 
My Mommy bought him for me for my first Christmas. 
He just melts my heart. 

Do you go down memory lane every year as you decorate your tree? 
It is one of my very favorite Christmas traditions. 

love love,
Fritzi Marie


felicia said...

Ours is getting there! I asked for Christmas ornaments for wedding presents for our "2nd" wedding in the states, we were given lots of beautiful ornaments made from sea shells. I have a few vintage ornaments too & one very special vintage bauble that my Mom took off of her tree to put on ours. It was found in the attic of the house we moved into when I was a junior in high school. I love our tree x

missy. said...

the tree looks beautiful! i love your vintage style. xoxo

lindsey said...

everything looks absolutely perfect!


The Sperry Fam said...

I love what you did!!

diane said...

oh my - everything is so lovely!

i do indeed go down memory lane when i decorate our tree. each ornament has a memory attached. stories are told + i always end up with sparkling sentimental eye water.

wishing you + your sweet darlings a wonderful christmas!!!


A Painted Journey said...

I had so much fun reading this post! Amanda told me I HAD to read it becuase I'd love it and would relate to it - she is SO right! Every time I see a cardinal outside the window I like to think it's a sign from my mom (they were her favorite bird, too!)... My mother used to put four separate candles spelling out NOEL on the windowsill each year. My sister would always rearrange it to spell LEON, so when you said you imagined Dan rearranging the village that's what I thought of! And like you, we have a 'memory' tree - a photo of each of the girls, one for every year since they were born! As well as grandparents, pets, etc. In addition, all the handmade ornaments and such from when the girls were in nursery school, kindergarten, etc. I just love this post and am SO glad Amanda told me to pop by and read it! Wishing your family a VERY Merry Christmas!... Amanda's mom, Donna

Rhianne said...

oh, I just love your tree, especially the bono bauble! cute.

I love decorating my tree, in the past 3 years we've gone from hardly any to loads from friends and family, it makes my heart happy :)