Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Baby Coco's Wish Shower


Last weekend my dear friend Jill and my sisters Buffy and Annie threw Baby Coco a wish shower. 
You may have seen a glimpse of the amazing invitations that Jill designed here.
I also shared a sneak peak of Baby Coco's wish tree that continues to bloom with wishes (thanks to you) every day. 
Jill wrote up a lovely post about the shower here.
She is so much better than I am at describing the event. 
I thought I would instead share some of my favorite details. 

My Mommy helped me make the doily banners when she was visiting last month. 
We tied vintage hankies around the mason jars. 

Thirty six years ago my Auntie Alma gave this planter to my Mommy when she was at the hospital delivering me. 
It sat on my bookshelf for most of my youth and I always daydreamed about it sitting in my own child's room one day. 

Jill fashioned this lovely nest for gifts out of a vintage familial suitcase.  I love that she made a little treasure banner for it (you all know I love treasure hunting). 

My sisters got to work as soon as they arrived hanging lanterns and adding little special touches. 
Annie and I went back and forth about whether or not to tie the little bows on the light fixture. 
Annie was right, they looked adorable. 

This is some of the food. 
A number of my friends brought AMAZING dishes and they overflowed onto another space. 
I felt so overwhelmed with love and support from all my friends. 
It was magical.

Sadly, I wore myself out running around that morning so I sat for most of the shower. 
My friends brought me goodies and I used my tummy as a resting spot for my special drink.

Buffy worked her magic on the drinks. 
She even added frozen grapes and strawberries. 

When everyone left they were given a vintage inspired hankie (because I love hankies and they are so handy) and they tied their wishes for Baby Coco on the wish tree on their way out. 
It was lovely and magical and all the special little details turned out just like I hoped and imagined they would. 
I felt so loved and supported and cared for. 
Baby Coco is going to be so excited to meet so many Aunties and friends when he arrives. 

I wish you all could have been with us to celebrate. 
Send Baby Coco a wish here if you like.
I'll tie it to his wish tree. 

love love,
Fritzi Marie


Stella said...

Oh! Looks like the most dreamy party! Glad you had such a special pampering day, you deserve it!!! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy - there can't be long left now?! xx

Pretty Penny Mae said...

It looks like y'all had such a great time! You look so cute! Good luck with your Baby Coco!

Micaela said...

this is all so beautiful-- beautiful like the momma-to-be. <3 i love all the precious touches... especially since they're very "you!" and the hankies? amazing gift because i believe it is essential to everyone's purse.

why oh why haven't i sent Baby Coco a wish yet? i must fix that AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! xoxo

Chrissy said...

Aw, everything looks wonderful! I love all of it! xxx

Rhianne said...

Yeay Kitty, it looks amazing, I love the everything but especially the latterns, the bows are a great touch :)

missy. said...

it looks beautiful. i'm sure it was an amazing event. can't wait to see baby coco! xoxo

Amanda Laurel Atkins said...

Dear Kat,
This is the most beautiful baby shower I have ever seen. I wish so much that I could have been there to share you and Baby Coco's special day!! My wish for baby Coco is that he always follows his truest happiness, and for a lifetime of love. I love you, Kat!