Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 In A Nutshell

Dearest Friends,

I have decided that this year has been one of my hardest but it has also been one of my most memorable.  I sat down last night to make a list of our 2011 highlights and I thought I would document it here. 
But first, I must say that this was my year to be surprised. 
We started off the year with no plans to have children and I was determined to make it the year of the fire engine
Dan and I were going to face our upcoming 40's in style and travel the world together, without children.
In May we found out we were pregnant and we didn't really believe it until we went to two doctors. 
This sounds silly but we spent the next few months after that in fear of both losing the baby and losing our independence. 
It was a hard time for us. 
When we found out we were having a boy, things started to seem a little more real. 

With that, here is my "In A Nutshell" list for 2011.
Our lucky year.

We celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary
We moved into a home and neighborhood that we love and we had fun decorating it.
One of our favorite people graduated high school and received a mission call to South Africa.
Bono Baby celebrated his 10th birthday with a bang.
(Dan celebrated his 39th and I celebrated my 36th)
We made new friends. 
We lost a few friends too.
I fell more in love with my husband.
I went to DisneyLand (my favorite place) with my baby brother.
I mended relationships that were important to me.
We made a baby!
We went to our first Doo Nanny festival.
We fell MORE in love with Alabama.
We went camping in the Smokies while I was 6 months pregnant. 
I almost finished my mile long (to do before baby arrives) list.

While this year has been a quiet year for us, I am so proud of myself for what I have been able to accomplish. 
Pregnancy is nothing like I thought it would be. 
To be honest, I've decided it is the hardest thing I have ever gone through.
Roscoe will be our only child and we are really starting to look forward to the adventures that await us in the years to come. 
Thank you for being such a special part of our lives. 
Your support and comments have helped me so much.
I have felt loved and cared for this year. 
I feel blessed to know you all. 

Happy 2012 dear friends. 
May all our wishes come true this year. 

love and hugs,
Fritzi Marie

p.s. Sometimes we don't know what we really wish for and instead they are surprises.
Isn't that wonderful?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Is This Really Happening To Me?


How are you? 
How was your Christmas holiday? 
Are you getting excited about New Years?

I've been having a hard time in my neck of the woods. 
It seems that my back, hips, and legs have decided to stop working properly. 
The discomfort and frustration has really worn me out and I must admit I've been a little bit down. 
My heart wants to go out and explore with my Daniel and Bono Baby. 
I want to have the energy to work on my projects. 
I want to nest but my body has different plans. 
Not nice!

I'm not asking for advice here just wishing that my energy would come back.
I still can't believe that we are having a baby. 
It doesn't seem real. 

Dan is taking me on a date this afternoon to a movie show. 
I hope I can make it to my seat. 

love and hugs,
Fritzi Marie 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

My Happy Christmas Boys

Merry Christmas. 
We hope you are having a lovely time with your family and friends this weekend. 
We've been a bit lonely here in Alabama, but we are doing our best to keep our Christmas spirits up.

Bono Baby loves loves loves Christmas. 
He doesn't care where he celebrates it as long as he gets his traditional gift of bouncy squeaker balls.

While we wish we could be with our family this year, we are looking forward to doing all we can to make Christmas in California and Washington happen for Baby Coco's first Christmas.

We want you all to know how much we care for you. 
You, our dear friends and family, mean the world to us. 
Merry Christmas.

love love,
Kitty, Daniel, and Bono Baby 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Wishes

Merry Christmas Dearies. 

We ventured outside of our Christmas hideaway to do some treasure hunting this afternoon.
Treasure hunting always puts a pep in my step and I needed some pep.
I had a little mini scare earlier this week. 
It ended up being next to nothing but it put the scare into me and really wore me out.
So I've been taking more naps and working on more projects for Baby Coco.

Here's my little list of the happy things I want to do before Baby Coco arrives: 

Save my pennies to buy him this sassy pillow
Go on a date with my Daniel to see a movie and eat an avocado sandwich at a local eatery.
Finish making his nursery pretty. 
Go with my friend Jill to get manicures and pedicures
(It bugs me when people call them mani pedi's).
Pack our overnight bags and diaper bags.
Finish my to do list.
 And spend lots of time with my Bono Baby of course.

Do you think I am missing anything?

Fritzi Marie

p.s. Daniel is making cookies today and I have been nibbling on fudge that my niece and nephew helped make.  I think Baby Coco is pretty happy about it all. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Our Low Key Christmas In Alabama

Dan and I decided to go rather low key when it came to Christmas decorating this year. 
Preparing for Baby Coco to arrive is a little bit more important right now.
I hope to add some vintage bulbs to this glitter wreath next year.
I think it needs some color.

Here is our tree in all of its magical wonder. 
Daniel decorated it this year.
I was too tired, so he let me tell him which ornaments went on the front and which ones went on the back of the tree. 
We have all of the ornaments from our youth, a collection of vintage ornaments, collected ornaments from where we have vacationed, and every year we buy one ornament together. 
We like for our tree to be dripping with sentiment and memories of Christmases past.

These red votives were my Grandma McLard's. 
Every time I see a cardinal (my Grandma's favorite bird) I like to think that she sent him my way to say hello to me. 
These votives remind me of that. 
Dan and I bought the stockings for one another when we were dating. 
The mini stockings are for Bono Baby and Baby Coco.

Dan's Mom would set up this little village every year when he was growing up. 
I like to imagine that Daniel would sneak over to rearrange the little town when his Mom wasn't looking.

This blue ornament is my favorite to look at this year. 
Our friend Amanda painted a portrait of Bono Baby on it and sent it to us for Christmas last year. 
It looks exactly like Bono when he gets out of the bath. 
I adore it.

This plastic snowman is another favorite. 
It was one of the only ornaments my Mommy had on her tree when she was growing up on a farm in Missouri.

I also adore this little Santa man. 
My Mommy bought him for me for my first Christmas. 
He just melts my heart. 

Do you go down memory lane every year as you decorate your tree? 
It is one of my very favorite Christmas traditions. 

love love,
Fritzi Marie

Monday, December 19, 2011

White Elephant Party Goodies

Our friends invited us over for a White Elephant Christmas Celebration party last weekend. 
Both Daniel and I came home with the white Christmas gifts we wanted most. 
I fell in love with the cheesy snowman plate. 
I just so happen to have a small collection of silly Christmas plates. 
They make me happy.

Daniel was able to secure this 1984 Michael Jackson glove belt buckle. 
We can't wait to take Baby Coco to Pike Place Market to get a leather belt to attach it too.

The reason I was so drawn to this silly plate was because my Auntie Lillie always serves a slab of cream cheese drenched in salsa at our family Christmas parties. 
This plate was perfect for continuing the tradition. 
We had chips and salsa and cream cheese too for lunch. 
It was fabulous. 

Happy Monday Wishes.

Fritzi Marie

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Bono B. Shenanigans

We caught Bono Baby snooping under the tree tonight. 
We don't think he will be able to make it through six more days of waiting to open his gifts. 
Patience is not his thing. 
How cute is that? 

Fritzi Marie

Flea Market Finds

A little while ago I found this purse at an estate sale here in Auburn. 
It had never been used and they were asking ten dollars for it. 
Normally, I wouldn't pay that much for a purse at an estate sale but I fell in love with it. 
When I went to purchase it they told me it had been mismarked and they sold it to me for a dollar. 

We went on a little adventure drive after church today and took some photo's to share with you of downtown Opelika.

I hope you all get a chance to take a mini adventure over the holiday break. 
Sometimes, just quickly pulling over to see something that catches your eye can boost your spirits. 
Today, I looked down and saw this pretty brick.

Here's to the details and finding lovely purses for next to nothing. 

Happy Sunday.

Fritzi Marie

Friday, December 16, 2011

Holiday Adventure Prep

Happy Weekend Wishes Dear Friends. 

Daniel and I are staying in Alabama for the holidays. 
I am no longer able to travel thanks to Baby Coco. 
We just realized that this is our last month together as a family of three. 
So we have big plans to spend our weekend making every arrangement
to stay home to spend our holiday break cuddling with Bono Baby and each other.
We are running errands, paying bills and doing all of our grocery shopping
so we can "bunker" down. 
We've decided to think of it as preparing to be snowed in while vacationing in a mountain cabin.
How romantic and magical, yes? 
We are in for an adventure!

love and hugs,
Fritzi Marie

p.s. This typography art print is from the amazing Ashley G

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmastime Has Come


Christmas time finally seems like it has made its way to our home. 
We finished packing up all of our packages, letters, and gifts to family and friends.
I can't wait to go see my post office friends this afternoon to send all of this Christmas joy out into the world.   
Daniel decorated the tree this year (I was too tired) and I think he did a fabulous job. 

I let myself off the hook and only sent Christmas cards to my Aunties and Uncles this year. 
My favorite part of this morning is that I finished this commissioned sock monkey and I love how it turned out. 
So charming. 
Now we are off to another appointment where I plan to work on more sock monkeys. 
Did I mention that we have had one visit to the hospital, two doctors appointments, a dentist appointment, a physical therapy visit and a tour of the maternity ward this week?
The only good thing about a week of doctors appointments is that I have been finishing monkeys while waiting in the waiting room. 

I hope the Christmas spirit has hit in your neck of the woods too. 

love love,
Fritzi Marie

p.s. If you need some help getting into the spirit of things, give this a listen.  hugs.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Post Office Friends Make The World A Happier Place


I love making care packages.
Two of the reasons I run two (soon to be three) online shops is because I love sending pretty out into the world and I adore my friends at the post office. 
We drive ten miles out of our way to go to the post office we like. 
The post office that is two miles away from us is awful. 
Both Daniel and I would rather have a pleasant experience with dear postal friends then leave feeling like deflated anger balls. 
Today, dear friends, is our day to finish packing up orders, Christmas packages and many many letters. 
I am going to feel so much better when I go to see my post office friends and send all sorts of pretty out into our world. 

I hope you have pleasant postal experiences this week. 
You deserve to leave feeling like a pretty princess after putting all that love and work into your mail. 

love love,
Fritzi Marie

p.s. I'm getting my hair done today and I am so excited!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Our Own Little Roscoe


Most of you already know this but Baby Coco's real name is Roscoe. 
We are naming him after his Granddaddy Morris (Danie'ls Father). 
We can't wait to see Roscoe and Bono Baby together. 

Anyhow, I was thrilled when I saw that Emily Martin announced her free Christmas download of one of her fabulous paper dolls. 
I was even more excited when I noticed that the puppy featured is named Roscoe. 
How cute!

Now head on over to her blog and print up a copy
So adorable! 

love love,
Fritzi Marie

p.s. At birthing class last night the nurse told us that we could go into labor at anytime and I about freaked out. 
Fingers crossed that Roscoe is on time and not super early.
 I have too many to do's that need to be crossed off of my list before he arrives. 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Flea Market Finds Inspired By Kindred Spirits

I've been hoarding my treasures lately and forgetting to share them with you. 
A month or so ago I ran into this framed print at a yard sale. I snatched it up for one dollar. 
It means so much to me. 

When I was growing up in Monrovia, California, I lived across the street from sweet Mildred. 
But, it wasn't until my 20s that I had the chance to really get to know her. 
Her husband passed away around the same time that my Daddy passed away. 
She used to wave at me from her front window as I came and went. 
Eventually, we would run errands together and have long chit chats about her life. 
She had an amazing life and her sassy spirit called out to mine. 
A painting just like this one hung in her house next to the window that framed my childhood home when you looked outside. It fascinated me so.

Mildred passed away a month or so after Daniel and I were married.  
I stood on my parents front yard and watched as the paramedics wheeled her to the ambulance. 
She sat up, clutching her purse in her lap, and waved goodbye to me. 
I cried. 
I have this print up in our bedroom bathroom. 
Our little shelf across from it holds another treasure (this postcard was found while living in Mississippi). 
That sassy young lady in the yellow swimsuit reminds me of my dear friend Mildred. She inspires me everyday. 

love love,
Fritzi Marie

Patriarch Chair

Last spring while out treasure hunting at The Possum Trot Auction in Seale, Alabama, Daniel and I picked up this seat less chair for two dollars. 
You see we were inspired by Natalie Chanin's friendship chairs from her book, Alabama Studio Style and Butch Anthony's chairs in his amazing home which you can read about in the New York Times here
We were also short one chair at our dining room table. 

We didn't want to use just any old ties. 
We like for every item in our home to hold sentiment and tell a story. 
So, we spent our summer gathering up ties from my Daddy, my Father-in-Law, my Step dad Dad CJ, and Daniel.

We finally finished it a few weeks ago and have named it our Patriarch chair.
I love to look at it and see ties that my favorite men have worn in the past. 
I feel like each tie has seen so much. 
I wish they could tell me their story. 
I imagine that my Daddy's saw a lot of dono crumbs.
He loved is doughnuts.

love love,
Fritzi Marie 

Friday, December 09, 2011

Ta Done

Happy Weekend Dearies

I just had to share this photo of my sister time last weekend. 
Things are getting back to normal here though we are still sad that the girls went home. 
Dan gave his last final today so Christmas break officially starts tomorrow when he turns in grades.
We have big plans to start decorating for Christmas this weekend.
Then we are hitting our to do lists big time.
There is a lot to do before Baby Coco arrives and I am determined to have every little thing on my list crossed off.
I love scratching a big ol' line through a task on my list. 

Here's to a lovely weekend filled with holiday cheer.  

love love,
Fritzi Marie

p.s. Baby Coco's nursery is almost finished. 
I can't wait to share it with you.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

We Adore You

Daniel and I have been hiding out from the camera for much of the past 8 months. 
He welcomed the break and I wasn't feeling very photogenic. 
My sisters wanted to document my 8 month pregnancy "look" so I went with it. 
I'm happy I did because this photo isn't so bad. 
(Don't worry we have hair appointments set for next week.) 

We want to thank you all for your love and support during these past months. 
Every comment, email, love note in the mailbox, and encouraging word has made this journey so much easier for us. 
We think you are all so wonderful.

much love,
Daniel and Kitty

p.s. I am so excited because we are getting ready to decorate for the holiday. 
Just waiting for Dan to finish grading papers and finals. 
I can't wait.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Baby Coco's Wish Shower


Last weekend my dear friend Jill and my sisters Buffy and Annie threw Baby Coco a wish shower. 
You may have seen a glimpse of the amazing invitations that Jill designed here.
I also shared a sneak peak of Baby Coco's wish tree that continues to bloom with wishes (thanks to you) every day. 
Jill wrote up a lovely post about the shower here.
She is so much better than I am at describing the event. 
I thought I would instead share some of my favorite details. 

My Mommy helped me make the doily banners when she was visiting last month. 
We tied vintage hankies around the mason jars. 

Thirty six years ago my Auntie Alma gave this planter to my Mommy when she was at the hospital delivering me. 
It sat on my bookshelf for most of my youth and I always daydreamed about it sitting in my own child's room one day. 

Jill fashioned this lovely nest for gifts out of a vintage familial suitcase.  I love that she made a little treasure banner for it (you all know I love treasure hunting). 

My sisters got to work as soon as they arrived hanging lanterns and adding little special touches. 
Annie and I went back and forth about whether or not to tie the little bows on the light fixture. 
Annie was right, they looked adorable. 

This is some of the food. 
A number of my friends brought AMAZING dishes and they overflowed onto another space. 
I felt so overwhelmed with love and support from all my friends. 
It was magical.

Sadly, I wore myself out running around that morning so I sat for most of the shower. 
My friends brought me goodies and I used my tummy as a resting spot for my special drink.

Buffy worked her magic on the drinks. 
She even added frozen grapes and strawberries. 

When everyone left they were given a vintage inspired hankie (because I love hankies and they are so handy) and they tied their wishes for Baby Coco on the wish tree on their way out. 
It was lovely and magical and all the special little details turned out just like I hoped and imagined they would. 
I felt so loved and supported and cared for. 
Baby Coco is going to be so excited to meet so many Aunties and friends when he arrives. 

I wish you all could have been with us to celebrate. 
Send Baby Coco a wish here if you like.
I'll tie it to his wish tree. 

love love,
Fritzi Marie

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Our Lonely House Of Three

Dear Friends,

My silly (beautiful) sisters, Annie and Buffy went home this morning. 
We are so sad. 
I love having my home filled with family and friends and I always get sad when they leave.
I think Bono Baby gets even more down than I do. 
He spent his day sleeping. 
I'm trying to decide if he is depressed or just plain tuckered out from having so much sister time. 

This was our last weekend together before Baby Coco arrives. 
We spent it having late night chit chats, taking walks in our jammies, painting our nails, shopping, going to Dan's poetry reading, having an amazing baby shower, dining, and road tripping to The Possum Trot to treasure hunt. 
It was a magical weekend and I wish it could have lasted forever. 

love love,
Fritzi Marie

p.s. The winner for the Hats, Hats, and More Hats Giveaway is Tiffany and the winner for the Happy Birthday, Amanda Dear Giveaway is Marty.
Congratulations sweet friends.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Baby Wishes

Dearest Friends,

Over the weekend my sisters Annie and Buffy and my dear friend Jill joined forces to throw Baby Coco an amazing shower. 
I'll be sharing details with you all week. 
It was beautiful. 
Anyhow, my favorite thing about the shower was the wish tree in my front yard.

We asked all of my friends to write a wish to Coco on a card an hang it on the wish tree as they left.

I love looking out the window and watching all of the wishes flutter in the wind. 
I would love it if you (my friends who were unable to make it to the shower) could tell me your wishes for Baby Coco and I will tie them to the wish tree for you.

love love,
Fritzi Marie

p.s. I am still having so so so so much fun with my sisters!