Friday, November 11, 2011

The Luckiest Of Lucky Days


I could not let today go by without checking in to wish you the happiest of 11-11-11 wishes. 
I have been looking forward to today for years. 
I had big plans to throw a fabulous wish dinner party with plenty of glitter, sparkle, and candle light. 
I planned on wearing a slinky black satin dress with fancy heels and fishnets. 
But, I am finding that Baby Coco is already changing so many things in my life. 
Here is a little sneak peak of what has been going on in the nursery this week.
We have been busy working on projects and putting furniture together all week. 
We have also been taking lots of naps. 
It has been so much fun but I have missed you all. 

Here's to a magical night filled with wishes come true. 

Fritzi Marie 


Kristen said...

Babies change the best made plans, even before they arrive! (and then you find that the baby made plans were even better!) Soooo...if one were making say, a gift for a baby boy....what would happen to be his nursery theme/colors? Just curious ;)

lindsey said... naps. and wishes!

hugs + x's and o's. i miss you.


missy. said...

that is lovely.

i'm sorry you didn't get to have your dinner party in your fantastic sounding outfit. maybe you can for 12.12.12?