Tuesday, November 22, 2011

This World Is Just Me And You

Dearest Friends,

A few days ago a sweet sweet friend sent me this book filled with inspirational prints. 
This thoughtful gesture came at just the right time for me. 
I needed to be reminded that things will be okay.

The print on the cover of this little book reminded us of this song by The Descendents. 
It also reminded me of one of my Daniel's poems, Following The Day. 

Following The Day

I feel sad for him,
that dead German shepherd
on the right shoulder
next to a driveway
on 97, south of Okanogan. 
Its people, gone, perhaps think
that he's happy,
running through orchards that wall in
their house, this road. 
These trees fade to fields
of wheat cropped short
like a crew cut and yellow
as summer.  I drove this road
to see where it went.  A hamburger
in Wilbur, Vanilla Coke in Omak.
All in the rearview now
with that shepherd, apple trees, yellow
wheat.  Grand Coulee, Spokane
miles away. 
Over the speakers, Milo Aukerman
sings everything's going to be okay

Dan Morris

Daniel is home for the week and having him here seems to be calming me down.
Oh, how lucky I am to have him and Bono Baby in my world.
Tis the season to count our blessings and my cup runneth over with gratitude for my family and friends.

Here's to small reminders that indeed, everything will be okay. 

Fritzi Marie

p.s. I found that little owl at an estate sale a few weeks ago.
We have an owl who visits our backyard ever so often so I like to call this little guy our Alabama Owlie.   

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Rae said...

i LOVE that song. and i love that poem. i have an everything is going to be ok print that i need to hang up because sometimes i need a reminder of that too.