Sunday, November 20, 2011

Baby Coco's First Party


I am starting to get really excited because soon my sisters will be visiting us in Alabama. They have big plans to help my dear friend Jill thow Baby Coco a baby shower. 

I am so in love with the invitations and I had to share them with you. 
Jill made them.
She takes custom orders in her Etsy shop, Predilections
She has mad skills. 

Baby Coco's nursery is coming along. 
Actually it is getting cuter everyday. 
I wish I could invite you all over to celebrate with me. 

Happy Sunday, Dearies.
I adore you. 

Fritzi Marie


Tiffany said...

i wish i could be there... :(

Fritzi Marie said...

Beautiful Tiffany,
I wish you could be here too.
love you,

Laura said...

Those invitations are absolutely divine! I'm completely excited for you to have your sisters there and for Baby Coco's baby shower.

I think mine is in the works too :)

Anonymous said...

I like my invitation so much that I framed it in a very special given to CJ and me when we got married from our sweet friend, Lois Lee. I have it in the living room now, but plan to hang it in the nursery I am putting together for my grandbab(ies). Though I will not be there in person, I will imagine all the goings on through the pictures you plan to share. Thank you for the lovely time visiting with you and Dan the past two weeks.....and letting me get acquainted with Baby Coco. I think he knows the sound of my voice now. Love you

Chrissy said...

They are gorgeous!!! And your package is on it's way! Hope you get it soon!
Hugs xxx

Mrs Woo said...

aren't those invites just divine! perfect! we're gearing up for Baby Woo's shower too! You've inspired me to post her invite! x

lindsey said...

love love love the invitations. and the fact your sisters are coming!!! wishing i could find a way to sneak off to alabama. missing you. sending hugs and all my love!


Anonymous said...

Just got mine in the mail! Love it! I cant wait to see you and baby RoCoco! I bet I can get him to kick for me.

Diana said...

I had to add these on Pinterest for future reference. Sooo cute!

Marz said...

These adorable invites are so you! I love them! I am so thankful your sisters get to come and enjoy this special time with you :) I wish I could come celebrate baby Coco too!

Sylvikahu said...

Sweet you, your loving sisters, and your caring friends prepared such a beautiful, detailed, and very special Coco shower with so many unusual details. We loved it!