Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Amanda Dear Giveaway

Today is my dear friend Amanda Atkin's birthday. 
Happy Happy Birthday, Beautiful Amanda!
Two of my dearest friends are women that I have never met face to face. 
Amanda is one of them. 
Every time I get down on my blog I remind myself of my Amanda and Lindsey friends and how this blogging world is what introduced us.
There is so much magic in this silly world we live in.

To celebrate Amanda's special day, I will be giving away one of her new The Stars And The Moon Vintage-Inspired Postcard Packs to a lucky winner. 
Cultivate your friendships with letter writing, pretty stationary, and cups of tea says me.
To enter please stop by Amanda's blog and wish her a happy birthday. 
Then come back and let me know which of her paintings (from her Etsy shop, Amanda Atkins In A Canary Forrest) you love the most.
Bono Baby will pick a winner next Tuesday. 

Here's to celebrating magical friendships. 

Fritzi Marie

p.s. Don't forget to put your name in the "HAT" for the pink beanie giveaway too. 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Hats, Hats, and More Hats Giveaway


It is chilly in our neck of the woods which makes me so happy. 
I love wearing hats and scarfs and mittens too. 
Wes crochets amazing hats and sells them in his shop, Bandaloop Gardens
My favorite thing about Wes and his shop is that he learned to crochet from his Grandmother. 
Isn't that sweet?

He takes custom orders and makes hats for everyone in the family. 
How cute is Jill's sweet little family?

Wes made a special pink hat just for one of you. 
For a chance to win, check out his shop and let us know what hat you would choose for a custom order.
I love thinking about all the color possibilities.
We'll have one of Jill's little men pick a winner next Monday.

love love,
Fritzi Marie and Jill

p.s. The hat will come with a few other goodies too. 
We can't help ourselves. 

Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas Kick Start


I hope you are recovering from your Thanksgiving festivities. 
We had a lovely time with friends and we ended up eating way too much. 
But, it was so good and the company was precious. 
The perfect way to spend Thanksgiving when you are so far from home. 
Today we started listening to A Very She and Him Christmas and reading David Sedaris's Holiday On IceWe are waiting to decorate but the holiday movie marathon starts tonight with Elf
I figure Elf is the perfect movie to get us in the Christmas spirit.
What do you do to start the holiday season off on the right foot?

love love,
Fritzi Marie 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wizards, Mermaids, Travelers, and Adventurers

Dear Friends,

Happy Thanksgiving. 
We hope you are safely tucked in with family and friends for this holiday weekend. 
Daniel took me on a date to see Hugo this evening. 
It was a magical film and a lovely night with my dear husband.
We even had the theater all to ourselves.  
If you have a chance to go to the theater over the weekend, see Hugo
I think it will make your heart happy. 

Wishing you love,
Fritzi Marie, Daniel, and Bono Baby

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Note From The Bono B.

Dear Friends,

I am so happy that Thanksgiving is this week. 
I love Turkey. 
I also love taking field trips to campus and running around with my people.
Kitty doesn't run much anymore but Daniel still does (thank goodness).   
It almost makes me want to wear my Auburn t-shirt and I don't like wearing clothes very much. 

Happy Thanksgiving.

Bono Baby

This World Is Just Me And You

Dearest Friends,

A few days ago a sweet sweet friend sent me this book filled with inspirational prints. 
This thoughtful gesture came at just the right time for me. 
I needed to be reminded that things will be okay.

The print on the cover of this little book reminded us of this song by The Descendents. 
It also reminded me of one of my Daniel's poems, Following The Day. 

Following The Day

I feel sad for him,
that dead German shepherd
on the right shoulder
next to a driveway
on 97, south of Okanogan. 
Its people, gone, perhaps think
that he's happy,
running through orchards that wall in
their house, this road. 
These trees fade to fields
of wheat cropped short
like a crew cut and yellow
as summer.  I drove this road
to see where it went.  A hamburger
in Wilbur, Vanilla Coke in Omak.
All in the rearview now
with that shepherd, apple trees, yellow
wheat.  Grand Coulee, Spokane
miles away. 
Over the speakers, Milo Aukerman
sings everything's going to be okay

Dan Morris

Daniel is home for the week and having him here seems to be calming me down.
Oh, how lucky I am to have him and Bono Baby in my world.
Tis the season to count our blessings and my cup runneth over with gratitude for my family and friends.

Here's to small reminders that indeed, everything will be okay. 

Fritzi Marie

p.s. I found that little owl at an estate sale a few weeks ago.
We have an owl who visits our backyard ever so often so I like to call this little guy our Alabama Owlie.   

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Baby Coco's First Party


I am starting to get really excited because soon my sisters will be visiting us in Alabama. They have big plans to help my dear friend Jill thow Baby Coco a baby shower. 

I am so in love with the invitations and I had to share them with you. 
Jill made them.
She takes custom orders in her Etsy shop, Predilections
She has mad skills. 

Baby Coco's nursery is coming along. 
Actually it is getting cuter everyday. 
I wish I could invite you all over to celebrate with me. 

Happy Sunday, Dearies.
I adore you. 

Fritzi Marie

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Old To New

While out treasure hunting last fall we found this photo of the Dionne Quintuplets
I gave it to Butch Anthony to work his magic.

This is what he came up with. 
Love it!

It just so happens to be for sale in our friends shop, Southern Folk Art
I love when artists can bring something old and forgotten back to life.
Fritzi Marie

p.s. I found some pretty fabulous finds while out treasure hunting with my Mommy during her visit.
She is an estate sale good luck charm. 
I'll share them with you soon. 

Alabama After Dark


Our adventuring has slowed down a bit but we are still fitting in a little. 
Daniel went to see one of our favorite Alabama bands, Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil.
I am finding that I am feeling my worst at night so I stayed home and cuddled up with the Bono Baby. 
Sweet Daniel sent me photo's from his iPhone and we listened to their CD when he came home.

I did however venture out last night to sit by the fire with friends at The Possum Trot. 
I love sitting in Butch's chairs which are carved with sayings like Sit, Think, and Dream. 

They were delicious.

It was the perfect way to spend a chilly Alabama evening. 
We have big plans to rake our yard and relax for the rest of the weekend. 

Wishing you many adventures!

Fritzi Marie

p.s. Butch just made his 100th sale in his Etsy shop, Museum Of Wonder
So exciting!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

You Better Shape Up

Dear Friends,

I am wishing that I still felt like the woman in these photo's (which were taken 9 months ago). 
Instead, I am feeling like there is no way anyone is getting near me with a camera. 
I am so worried that I will never look or feel like myself again. 
I am having a hard time with just about everything.

One thing that I am having a hard time with is listening to myself complain. 
I am also so so so embarrassed about my hormonal outbursts and dramatic fits. 
So, I have been doing you all a great favor by staying away from my blog for a bit. 
I have however been loving this song by The Lennings. 

Tomorrow, I hope to be ready to share happier updates. 

I must add that I want to publicly apologize to my Daniel for everything I have said lately. 
I am sorry and I love you. 

love love,
Fritzi Marie

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Luckiest Of Lucky Days


I could not let today go by without checking in to wish you the happiest of 11-11-11 wishes. 
I have been looking forward to today for years. 
I had big plans to throw a fabulous wish dinner party with plenty of glitter, sparkle, and candle light. 
I planned on wearing a slinky black satin dress with fancy heels and fishnets. 
But, I am finding that Baby Coco is already changing so many things in my life. 
Here is a little sneak peak of what has been going on in the nursery this week.
We have been busy working on projects and putting furniture together all week. 
We have also been taking lots of naps. 
It has been so much fun but I have missed you all. 

Here's to a magical night filled with wishes come true. 

Fritzi Marie 

Monday, November 07, 2011

Under My Skin


Happy Monday. 
I've been having some manic pregnant lady moments and I am pretty embarrassed about it.
I will say this, my Sleater-Kinney girls are helping me through the crazy times when I am on a cleaning frenzy or fretting over my to do lists. 

If you find yourself having a "moment" this week, give Wild Flag a listen. 
They help. 

Fritzi Marie

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Happy Birthday Big Boy!


Bono Baby just turned ten years old. 
He's our birthday boy. 

He was so happy this morning when he woke up and realized that the house was filled with so many of his special people. 
He's decided that everyone is here to celebrate his big birthday. 
He even spent some time this morning bed hoping. 

We are so in love with our 10 year old Bono Baby. 
He makes every day magical. 

Happy Birthday Bono Baby!

love love,
Fritzi Marie and Daniel

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

November Goodness

Happy November Dearies. 
Daniel, Bono Baby, and I have been looking forward to this week for a while. 
You see, my parents are flying into Atlanta tomorrow and we get them all to ourselves for two whole weeks. 

We have big plans to celebrate Thanksgiving (a little bit early) just like we did last year. 
These photo's are from our adventures last November. 
That belt does not fit around my tummy right now. 
The most exciting thing about this visit is that we are going to decorate Baby Coco's little nursery. 
My Mommy and I have been looking forward to working on projects and unpacking the crib. 

I am so excited. 

love love,
Fritzi Marie

p.s. Not only am I excited about picking up two of my favorite people from the Atlanta airport tomorrow but I also get to go to Ikea and Anthropologie.