Friday, October 21, 2011

Poetry And Old Friends

Happy Weekend Wishes Dearies. 

I hope you have fabulous plans for this special fall weekend. 
Daniel and our friend Richard are giving a poetry reading at our local bookstore, The Gnu's Room
If you are in the Auburn area, you should stop by.
I love when Daniel gives poetry readings. 
We also have some of our dear friends coming in to town for a visit. 
I love reuniting with old friends.
I also love having house guests.
love. love. love.
Bono Baby on the other hand does not. 
We are going to have a long talk about being nice to visitors. 
Here's to making new friends but keeping the old. 

love and hugs,
Fritzi Marie 


Kristen said...

Bono Baby probably is having issues dealing with all the changes. Be easy on him...maybe he needs your equivalent of Diet Coke. Just a thought. :) Have a good weekend. I am throwing a birthday party for Graham and 14 of his friends. Wish me luck!

felicia said...

I'm with you on loving having house guests. Poor little Bono Baby, it's great practice for Baby Coco's arrival though!