Monday, October 24, 2011

Perfect Fall Weekend

Happy Monday Sweet Friends. 
I am still recovering from our busy weekend. 
Daniel and Richard gave a lovely poetry reading at our local bookstore, The Gnu's Room
The reading was set up to celebrate Richards new chapbook which was released last week.

Will and his sweet wife Michelle drove down from Atlanta and we spent the night catching up. 
Daniel, Richard, Will, and Michelle were classmates at the University of Southern Mississippi. 
Both Daniel and Richard were amazing.

Here we are, old friends reunited.

Our new friends, Jill and David were there too. 
It was a perfect fall friday night filled with homemade chile, friends--new and old--brown apple betty, poetry, and sweet memories. 

I wish you all could have been there. 

Fritzi Marie

p.s. There are copies of Daniel and Richard's chapbooks for sale in my shop


Chrissy said...

Ah, you look wonderful!! Love the cute belly!! xxx

Amanda Laurel Atkins said...

What an awesome night. Congrats to Dan and Richard. I wish I could have been there, too! xoxoxoxox Amanda