Wednesday, October 05, 2011

It Is Up To Me

My dear friend Jill is participating in 31 Days of Joy right now. 
I'm too "out of sorts" to officially participate now but I am so grumpy that I think I need to make a list of what brings me joy today.

1. Spending the morning with a friend working on projects.
2.  A veggie subway sandwich for lunch. 
3. Taking a long morning time walk with my Bono Baby. 
4. Getting my bangs trimmed. 
5.  My sweet husband who is making dinner for our dinner party tonight while I am laying on the couch writing this list.
6.  My sweet postal worker friends telling me I looked beautiful today. 
7.  Going to the soda store and receiving the best customer service ever! 
8.  Apple Brown Betty cooking in the crock pot.
9.  Talking to my Mommy on the phone and having her tell me that she wants Baby Coco to call her Momo (So she can say Momo for Coco)
10.  Looking forward to having friends over for dinner. 
(I'm going to go help now).

I grew up looking at a magnet on my parents fridge that read:

If it is to be,
  it is up to me. 

Fritzi Marie

p.s. What makes you feel joyful today? 


Kristen said...

Cleaning out my closet today made me feel joyful. Not during the process, but looking at it all clean and organized afterwards! Watching Lauren car dance to "Who Let the Dogs Out" made me feel that way also. She's the only person I'd listen to that song for just so I can see her boogie!

ps...your cemetery walks sound AWESOME! You know how much I love that!

Jill said...

I love your joy list. I hope you had a splendid dinner party with your guests.
I must add "make apple brown betty" to my to-do list.

lindsey said...

i'm with jill -- loving your list! especially, momo for coco. for me, today, it's: new candles, halloween candy on sale, anticipating sunshine for the next few days, and loving that it's pumpkin and apple cider season!

love you. missing you. wrapping you in hugs!


missy. said...

seems to be the big theme this week.. love happy lists. i posted mine today on my little bloggie.

but right now the biggest thing that is making me happy is the cute guy from my building.. he has been a doll the past couple of weeks and has me smiling at the smallest things. i love it.

you are beautiful lady. xoxo

Rhianne said...

yeay, I love your list! Mine include my pretty new dress, spending the weekend with my friends, a green creme egg and catching up on my favourite blogs :)

Amanda Laurel Atkins said...

I love that, Kat. That is such a good mantra to think of. I need to think it more, too. I hope your dinner party was fantastic!!!
Love you,