Thursday, October 13, 2011

Celebration Sale

We just realized that this month is our shop's two year anniversary. 
How exciting!
The above photo is of the "little man" that our Baby Coco is being named after. 
He is also the face of our shop, Fritzi Marie Vintage
Anyhow, we wanted to celebrate so we are offering our friends, family, and readers a chance to get 25% off of anything in the shop for the next week. 
If you have had your eye on some treasure go ahead and use the coupon code BABYCOCO to get your discount.

All proceeds from this sale will go towards the purchase of these shoes
Baby Coco's future wardrobe would not be complete without them. 
I think you all know that we are obsessed with fancy footwear around here. 

Have I told you lately how much I love our little shop.
I love love love sending treasure out into the world.
It makes my heart happy.
Thank you so much for supporting us and our treasure hunting adventures for the past two years.
We adore you. 

Happy Weekend Dearies.

Fritzi Marie 


Chrissy said...

Happy shop anniversary! Hope your day was wonderful!
I will be able to ship your goodies soon!
Hugs xxx

Wan Family said...

Kat, you are darling. Is that a picture of your father-in-law?
Have fun on your trip!

Holly Hall said...

Happy Anniversary! You have the most well-curated shop. I love everything in it!