Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sleepy Head


I need your help. 
I am tired and so frustrated with myself. 
I feel like I have been living on our couch these past few days. 
What do you do to make yourself get up and go? 
I feel like Baby Coco has sucked all of my energy goodness. 
Any suggestions are helpful. 
I am now going to force myself to get into the shower. 
When Daniel gets home, I think I'm going to have him take me out for a turkey sandwich. 
Protein should help, right? 
Cheer me on, dear friends, I feel like I need your help right now. 
Making a baby is hard work. 

love love,
Fritzi Marie


Stella said...

I'm pregnant too, and it really is a tough business! I am constantly low in iron too, which always makes me extremely tired. I definitely think it's worth getting your levels checked, just a simple blood test will tell you. In the meantime start taking tablets, and maybe spirilina tablets too... If your iron is really low, they may give you a shot to boost it up more quickly, as it can take so long to accumulate in our bodies...

But just so you know, I'm totally with you! Some days are such a big struggle to get through... Hope you feel better soon!

TheBlackPinafore said...

I'm not pregnant but I'm in your same situation, I do not have input, even though I have many things to do, but you have a creature that grows inside you, I think a little rest will not hurt, right?

missy. said...

vitamin b and d always helps me. oh and my friends who call or text me constantly to get my ass off the couch or bed! :)

slush said...

Making a baby is super hard on your body. You shouldn't be so hard on yourself lady! Rest if you need to. Rest some more after that if you need it and do not feel bad about it. Your body may know that once the baby comes, you may not get all the rest you need. Its stockpiling it now. :)

A hot shower and a cup of tea always perks me up when I am feeling down.

Hoping you get some energy back soon babe.


Kristen said...

I just didn't want Dan (my Dan) to think I was a lazy lump. He gets home at 6:15 so every day (*while I was making babies, not so much now) I would get up around 4, shower and look cute. Throw laundry in the machine and quick put pine sol on something to make the house smell clean. And then be in the kitchen making dinner when he got home. He thought I was a baby making goddess and I felt better about getting a few things done. Sneaky sneaky! (like he didn't know....whatever)

Kristen said... might be low on iron. That made me SUPER tired!!! Have that checked out!

felicia said...

It's def. not just you Kitty, I'm super tired all the time too. When i do push myself too hard I end up feeling pretty rough as a result. Like I think to myself "I should be able to walk just as far as I always have been"...not so much. I get cramps all across my bump when I walk too far for me. I was beating myself up about it, but I have decided that I am getting into work 1-2 days a week and that is more than enough for me! Thankfully I'm going to be taking early maternity leave as soon as possible. Then I will rest up in preparation for the big debut!

Kelly C. said...

Hi, long time reader first time commenter here :) First of all, I love your blog and congrats on Baby Coco! I am due with my first, a girl, Jan 13. Right around the same time as you, no?I have my extremely tired days and sometimes I think it's even worse living here in the gloom of the Puget Sound. Cheer up, ok? I sometimes think I can't even get up long enough to let my two dog children outside, then I feel worse thinking if I can't take care of my dogs properly how will I take care of my baby. Silly thoughts. I took my concern to my doc and he said when I sleep baby grows so when I am extra tired baby must be having a much needed growth spurt. Made me feel much better. The one thing that I can't handle about pregnancy is my wild hormones. I heard they could be bad but sometimes I think I am the excorsist! Hang in there and once again, CONGRATS!

Katyha said...

Ah the joys of pregnancy. The first few months there are a lot of changes in your body, which are sometimes harsh on your body and you get extra tired. I say...sleep away. I spent most of my first few months asleep and you know it helped a lot with the queasiness. It won't last long dear so try to enjoy it. You will feel your regular self all too soon and have the energy of four mums all too soon ;)