Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ugly Duckling

Dear Friends,

I think the pregnancy hormones are catching up with me. 
I am finally excited about having a little boy. 
While I am missing my figure desperately and feel like the ugliest duckling in town, I know that Baby Coco is worth the sacrifice. 
I can't believe that in 4 short months, our little family of three will be a family of four. 
I am so scared and excited all at the same time.
We've been having little talks with Bono Baby, letting him know that he will have a baby brother soon. 
The only thing we have done to prepare for Baby Coco as of yet is order the crib. 
That's a good first step, don't you think? 

What are your baby must haves? 
We're planning on only buying the must haves. 
I don't want to live in a gymboree. 

Happy Wednesday, Dearies. 

Fritzi Marie


Jill said...

First of all you are beautiful! Absolutely in every way, even if you don't feel it. Secondly, speaking from experience, I can tell you that I made it through four boys without a changing table. They are nice but not essential. Each of my boys had different things that they enjoyed as babies. The bouncy seat and the swing were life savers for my babies that didn't want to sleep, but my favorite thing was my baby sling. I could carry my babies around with me and still have free hands. It kept them cuddled close to me and prevented strangers and kids from touching them with germ-y hands. I still have mine if you want to check it out. It is one of the things that I just didn't want to get rid of.

MySpecialAgent said...

A Boppy pillow is a must-have, especially if you plan to nurse. A baby bathtub, diapers in different sizes (my family bought newborn sizes and I ended up having whopper babies and never used them), burp cloths, and sleep sacks.

Martha said...

I haven't even purchased our crib- look at you being productive!

I am only buying the essentials, too. My one thing is a glider or a recliner. I think I will spend a lot of time in it nursing my baby.

PS- you are beautiful- the lost figure is temporary and so worth it.

Kristen said...

Do NOT get: a wipes warmer or a diaper genie. Changing tables are not necessary either (but a good changing pad to protect your floor or bed are!)
MUSTS: Infant gowns (easy to change midnight diapers) bouncy seat and swing for sure. A good wipeable diaper bag.

I got rid of things AS SOON as they were done with them. It's a lot of stuff the first year and then you don't need as much!

Sam said...

Everyone's must haves are different, usually. We even ended up getting a wipes warmer because little Thomas howled during diaper changes. You can transform an old dresser (a lower one) into a changing table. Bending over a bed to change diapers can be hard on your back! I loved having somewhere cozy to sit the baby down (a baby pampasan, then the swing when got bigger, eventually an exersaucer which was perfect for time spent in the kitchen or bath time for ME). And yes, slings! It can be kinda overwhelming to try to choose and I think it's harder for us Southern mamas to wear them out and about (the transition from car seat to sling in a burning hot parking lot? not always fun). But I looooved wearing Thomas while I could and can't wait to do it again with future babes. A good stroller, especially since y'all like to go cool places (but a sling will come in super handy then, too). I am so happy you are feeling excited about Baby Coco!

Phoebe said...

I love getting ready for a baby! After 4 kids the 3 things I used consistently with all of them was the bouncy chair, the Boppy, and a dresser that was the right height to use as a changing table for the first year. But, I echo another one of your readers, everyone has different favorites.
With Sully, my new favorites were the Moby Wrap and the Ergo carrier.
Have fun!

Marty said...

You guys are seriously so cute! What a cutie CoCo is going to be :) I would say a big must have for us during the newborn stage with all three kids was a halo sleepsack swaddle. It made it SO easy to swaddle them, and is perfect for keeping them snug and warm. I would second a boppy, it makes feeding so much easier, wether nursing or breastfeeding. If you do decide to breastfeed, I would really recommend renting a hosptial-grade breast pump! That helped a lot in the beginning, until baby and I got the hang of things. Oh, and a pacifier! Those super-tiny newborn ones made by MAM were my favorites. With my first baby, I was almost afraid to use one because of things I'd read, but seriously? She was only a few hours born and we caved. And it was the best thing-calmed her so much, and there never was a problem with her feedings in any way.

What a sweet time, it almost makes me wish I were back in that place again...except my kids are SO little, lol!

Blessings to you!

Unknown said...

I agree with skipping the changing table, its easiest to just change them on the bed/floor or wherever you are. We currently use the top of a dresser, with a changing pad (but only rarely--usually the bed).

I love the "brest friend" nursing pillow even more than a boppy. And for sure a comfy place to nurse or bottle feed, either a glider or comfy chair. You spend so much time feeding baby in the beginning, that you need a comfortable place where you can relax and enjoy that time.

And a good stroller. A must. Other than that, just some diapers and a few comfy outfits, and you are set! :) So excited for you, and your growing family.

Rhianne said...

lol, honestly I have no idea either but I can say that I'm excited for you, so when you're not as excited about it, just think of me smiling for you and your little family, I think its wonderful and I love that you're having little chats with Bono, I'm sure he will love having a brother :)

p.s. I bet you look beautiful

Holly Hall said...

I will chime in to second (and third) a Boppy, a bouncy seat, and a sling (or multiple slings!). Wearing your baby is not only convenient for you, it is wonderful for their physical and emotional development. My must have for the newborn months, especially, is a pouch sling. Baby is so cozy and snuggled tightly right on your belly where they came from. Both mine just zonked out immediately. A pouch sling is the only way my first and I survived colic. There are cute, affordable pouch slings all over etsy, and they're nice because they are easy to stuff in a bag or purse. You might also look into the Moby Wrap. And an Ergo, while a bit pricey, is the best of the best as they get a little bigger, and for longer periods of wear is much easier on your back. Just stay away from Baby Bjorn and other "front dangler" carriers. They are terrible for baby's hips and spine.

You are going to be a great mama!

Giuli said...

I'm just learning that what one baby liked, the other doesn't. Learn from my mistake and get a jogging stroller. Not that I jog or anything, but they are so much easier to push and get up and down stairs. We just bought a travel system from Target that's no more expensive than a regular stroller set. It comes with the newborn carseat carrier and stroller that can be used with the car seat attatched or by itself when they can sit up better. It has bicycle tires that can be inflated and repaired, too. Great for dirt roads! Max liked the sling, but Kizzie doesn't. She prefers the baby backpack. Also the same with pacifiers. Max liked nuks and Kizzie likes those wierd looking round ones. Advice--just borrow someone else's sling or backpack until you find out what baby Coco really likes. I would absolutely die if I didn't have a battery powered swing (Kizzie's sleeping in it right now) but that's one that you can buy at a thrift store or borrow. They are about 100 bucks otherwise. Do the butt test on several rocking chairs and find out which one you like the best, because you will be feeding the baby constantly the first few months at least! We discovered that you don't need a high chair and a fancy convertable crib. Max just went strait from a crib to his full size bed. I know, crazy. If you are brestfeeding, even if you plan to stay home, a breast pump is LOVELY. I use mine probably 3 times a day at least. I got my pump from WIC and this is baby number two that I've used it on.