Thursday, September 22, 2011

Stranded At The Drive In

Dear Friends,

Bono Baby and I are under the weather again this afternoon. 
Can I say that I am sick of feeling under the weather?
I want to feel like the pretty lady in this photo again. 
That deserted drive in theater was down the street from our home in Mississippi. 
I've always wanted to go to a drive in movie.
I would love to go to a movie in my pj's with my boys. 
Sadly, that theater has since burned down.
I'm going to go ahead and daydream about going on a date with my Daniel to a drive in movie and we are going to go back in time and do it in the 50's too. 
It's a daydream so I can do that. 
Have you been to a drive in movie? 

I hope you are having a fabulous Thursday. 
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Bono B. and I perk up real soon. 
I am getting sick of us. 

Fritzi Marie

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We have a celebration in store. 


Anonymous said...

Wow thats really cool! We have a working drive in by us and I have been to it. it is really fun. unfortunately it is not as cool looking as that one. its actually rather plain looking. that one is cool though. Too bad it doesn't run anymore.


Fritzi Marie said...


It burned down! Can you believe it? I was so upset when I heard. You would have loved walking around and daydreaming about what it was like in it's hayday. You could even wander around in the old ticket booth. So cool!

love love,
Kathy Friend

Jill said...

I went to see Zorro at the drive-in when I was little. I don't remember it at all but my mom says that during one of the chase scenes I stood up on the seat and shouted "After them you fools!". I think I was about Daniel's age. I've always wanted to go as an adult but haven't ever had the chance. Are there any drive-ins around here that you know of?

Marty said...

What a great picture! You have the cutest style!

There used to be a drive-in near the town where I grew up. Some of my memories from childhood are of going there with my family--not just my own, by aunts, uncles, cousins. We'd have a kind of movie party there, and one of my uncles would let us sit on top of his van to watch, lol. I haven't been to one is years and years though.

Stephanie said...

We used to have a drive in pretty close. Unfortunately, it shut down about a year and a half ago. I miss it.