Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Reginald The Raccoon

When we first found out we were pregnant with Baby Coco we ran into this little raccoon on Etsy and bought it as our first gift to our new baby. 
It arrived today. 
It seems Reginald the raccoon went on a long journey and was nearly lost.
But, he made it here to his new Alabama home. 
 I imagine that he will be close friends with Baby Coco and Bono Baby too.

Now, here is a very "real" photo of what I look like as a pregnant lady. 
Bed head and no make up seem to be the daily norm. 
Also, I am living in these Gap maternity T's and jeans. 
But, I am happy. 
The crib arrived the other day and I went into a little bit of a panic. 
There is a BABY CRIB in my house! 
We weren't expecting it to arrive for another month or so. 
I was not emotionally prepared. 

But, I am happy!

Happy Wednesday Dear Friends.

love love,
Fritzi Marie

Update on Thursday:  My Daddy was sick for a long while before he passed away 10 years ago.  He talked about death a lot and would tell me that he would always be sitting on my shoulder, cheering me on. 
I was looking at this photo this morning and saw that photo of my Daddy on his motorcycle (sitting on my shoulder) and it reminded me of what my Dad would say.
I think he is pretty happy about Baby Coco too.
Just thought I'd share.


Anonymous said...

you crack me up lady. you would think what would scare you is the outline of a baby foot on your belly but nooooo my sister fears the early arrival of a crib. Anyway, i think you look really beautiful in this pic so obviously baking baby rococo agrees with you. LMK when you want me to facetime you

Kristen said...

You LOOK happy! Maybe having the crib super early is good for you and Baby Bono. The baby stuff will be old hat by the time Baby Coco arrives. That raccoon is super cute!

Momma J said...

How cute is that little guy??!! I bought the yarn this past weekend for a cozy little blanket for the new cousin!!!!

Jill said...

He's so cute. I'm sure he and Baby Coco will be good buddies.
You are beautiful. Always.

Wan Family said...

One thing is for sure, your Coco will be loved. I think you look fabulous as a pregnant lady. I love all the vintage toys that you have for Baby Coco too.

I am so excited for you, you have nothing to fear.


Rhianne said...

you look happy and beautiful :) and I love Reginald, I can't wait to see a pic of your baby with him. hugs x

Micaela said...

you had me in tears <3 how amazing that this beautiful photo of you (yes, BEAUTIFUL!!! no makeup looks good on you momma-to-be!) came out like this, a reminder that your Daddy is cheering you on and will smile down on baby coco.

i remember seeing reginald before he made it safely to your home. i just know he's going to be so loved.


felicia said...


When we first found out I was pregnant I was walking around town and thinking about my Daddy who passed away in 1997. There on the sidewalk was a playing card. A Jack of hearts. My Dad's name was Jack. He always used to send me a card for everything! He was a sweet and thoughtful Daddy, just like our husbands will be.
If he were alive I know he would have sent me a greeting card to congratulate us on the baby. Some how, in the grand scheme, he still managed to send me a card.

Love & hugs,

missy. said...

that is soo darling and you look gorgeous for being a pregnant lady dear. xoxo

Chrissy said...

Oh, you look gorgeous!! I am so out of the loop because of my Internet issues since we moved back to Germany, but I am finally back to the web and can not wait to catch up!! Miss you!! xxx

Holly Hall said...

You are beautiful! I'm so glad Reginald made it safely.

I know your daddy must be very proud of you!