Thursday, September 08, 2011

Love All Around

Dear Friends,
Thank you again and again. 
Your support over the past few days (about our baby boy news) has been so overwhelmingly helpful and special to me. 
The news is finally starting to sink in and I am getting excited about it. 
My Mommy sent us Ollie The Onion Head from The Black Apple
She is over the moon thrilled about having her very first grand baby. 
We are so in love with this sweet print and hope to use it as our inspiration for the baby's
Thank you for being there for me. 
I adore you all.

love love,
Fritzi Marie

p.s. My dear friend from college, Kristen, recently informed me that Felicity (our favorite show back then) is available for streaming on Netflix.  I'm am hooked all over again. 


kim said...

Oh my gosh!!! Felicity was my favorite show in College. I got hooked again when I got the first season DVD a year ago, I had to finish the rest. So many good memories. Ben or Noel?:)

I am so excited for your bundle of joy and I love that print!!!

Kristen said...

YES! I am watching en episode every night in bed while Dan reads...and I totally start laughing when I remember laughing at scenes with you. And I forgot how much I LOVED Javier! Best accent ever. Now if only I could get Wendy's to come out with the Monterrey Ranch chicken sandwich so I can eat it on your dorm room floor...such great memories.

Anonymous said...

Late congratulations on your new awaited arrival x

Stitchy said...

OK, I've never seen the show, but maybe I should give it a go, since I'm enjoying your taste in just about everything else!
I have to tell you, that I discovered your blog not too long ago and I'm really hooked! I never left comments because I let my own blog lapse. I'm back up though, partially because of you. So, a big thank you for the inspiration.
Congratulations again on the soon to be, bundle of joy.

Marz said...

I'm just full of joy when I think of you with a beautiful baby boy in your arms :) How precious is Ollie the Onion Head :) Can't wait to see how you decide to decorate his room. It will be amazing :) p.s. Karina just informed me about Felicity! SO excited! Micaela and I LOVED that show!! :) We had such big crushes on Ben :)