Friday, September 09, 2011

Bono Baby Takes Care Of His Babies

Happy Weekend, Dearies. 
Bono Baby and I have enjoyed some couch time (in our jammies) today. 
Bono's new favorite thing to do is to lay out on my tummy. 

How cute is that?
This little man melts my heart every day. 
I think he knows that his baby brother is growing in there and he is keeping him safe. 
Bono Baby is so precious. 

love love,
Fritzi Marie

p.s. Please ignore my bloated feeties in the photos. 


Kristen said...

I know Noel's bed and hair when I see it!!! I am a SUPER SLEUTH! ;)
Bono is so sweet - love the picture. ps...I have been in my jammies all day too drinking chamomile tea. Hoping I wake up tomorrow with my cold gone.

Fritzi Marie said...

Dear Kristen,

YOU are too smart. I've been reliving our college days all afternoon. I've also been rewinding kissing scenes. Last night I dreampt that I was making out with Alan Richman from Man vs. Food and I blame Felicity. Or should I say, "Thank you, Felicity". A few weeks ago I made out with Jess Mariano from Gilmore Girls in a dream. It was fabulous. So happy that my Daniel enjoys hearing about my crazy dreams.
I hope you feel better soon, dear friend. Pretty girls should never get sick. It just isn't right.
Love you,

slush said...

I feel a jammie day coming on tomorrow. Yes, I do. Have a relaxing weekend, lady. :)

Mrs Woo said...

Aww I love it! You know that little face melts my heart as well. He's so handsome and so clever!
I'm sure animals do know about babies. Ben's cat laid across my bump the other day and today the shop dog went mental and followed me all around and even jumped up on my lap! He's not a lap dog!

The Lilac Rabbit said...

Animals definitely know these things. My pup was very protective and clingy while I was pregnant and he is SO not an affectionate dog.

Micaela said...

awww this melts my heart!!! ABSOLUTELY precious. absolutely. xoxo

Marz said...

Awwww soooo adorable!!! :) It makes me incredibly happy to think of you surrounded by all your sweet boys :) Daniel, Bono and the little baby boy growing inside of you - you are truly blessed :)Perfect Saturday indeed! xo

sweetheartville said...

That is so sweet! When we brought our baby home a few months ago, our little mutt went to her and, ever so gingerly, licked the air all around her tiny head. He looked at us with so much understanding. It was clear that he knew that she was ours, one of the pack. I melted.

Becky said...

What a little cutey.
It was the first thing I thought of, when I saw the first picture, that he k n o w s

Giuli said...

When I went into labor with Max, I was hanging out around the house (in pain) until my contractions were a certain number of prescribed minutes apart. For about 11 hours our dog Bruce laid down next to me and wouldn't even leave my side to go the bathroom or drink. We have this really cute picture of Bruce laying on his tummy watching his "little brother" with a protective stare while Max was having tummy time on the floor as a month old baby. Ahh, Bruce was our first baby.

missy. said...

aw what a cute pup to be taking care of his momma and baby brother!