Thursday, August 11, 2011

What Nots and Such

Dearest Friends,

We are finally starting to feel a bit more settled and comfortable around here. 
We still have many many more boxes to unpack and pretties to hang but things are looking up. 
Bono Baby is loving his new home too. 
He especially loves his new living room rug. 
Daniel and I had our hair done yesterday. 
We needed it.
Dan had a fro and I looked like a wild woman with claw bangs.
Not pretty!
I'll share photo's soon. 
I bought the first "official" outfit for the baby yesterday. 
I couldn't help myself.

Fritzi Marie 


♥ Emily of said...

Lovely rug! :)
Glad to hear you're settling in.

missy. said...

that rug is so cute! glad to hear you are settling in nicely :)

Marty said...

The official first outfit--how fun!! It is precious, I love how vintage it looks--except with snaps! The rug is beautiful. I can imagine how lovely your new home will look. I especially loved the chair you had in your living room, that your father-in-law repaired. Gorgeous.

Wishing you comfort in your happy new home :)

Mrs Woo said...

hello adorable Bono Baby! You are far too cute to handle!
Love the little outfit Kitty it's ADORABLE! I hope you're feeling better. xoxo

Wan Family said...

Your baby is going to look adoreable in that outfit. I hope he/she has red hair

Rae said...

that is probably the cutest little jumper i have ever SEEN! it would only be cuter if it fit sweet little bono baby.

Rhianne said...

eep, that little outfit is adorable! I'm really glad you're all settling in :)